Feb. 23rd, 2015

rmc28: Photo of me shortly before starting my first half-marathon (half-marathon)
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30 minutes alternating running and walking.  I seized an opportunity out of a logistics mess where I was going to have to go and collect my toddler on foot anyway, so I did it in running gear and with the sling folded up around my waist. 

Excitement occurred during one of the early running intervals. I tripped on some rough pavement, fell hard, and managed to tuck and roll back to my feet before I'd quite figured out what was happening.   It was rather dramatic and more than a bit muddy.  I brushed myself down and confirmed I was basically in working order, even if my knees and hands really stung, and then carried on at a walk.  I still had to get the toddler after all.

By the time my phone beeped for the next running interval, I felt up to giving it a go,  and I was going sufficiently well when I reached nursery that I carried on past to get my full 30 minutes in.  For once I got my sums-on-the-run right, and ended up finishing pretty much by the nursery entrance. Result!

I'm gratified to see that even with the tumble and the extra walking, my average pace was barely slower than the same time running last week.    I've a couple of nasty scrapes on one knee but nothing worse than that.  The leggings I was wearing got rather messy, but most of it should come out in the wash.

Next run: can't be my usual Thursday lunchtime, so maybe sometime on Wednesday, or Thursday evening.  Or Friday lunchtime if all else fails
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