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Total running fail in the past almost two weeks. One of the days I couldn't run I managed to follow [personal profile] rmc28's good example and went for a nice brisk energetic walk instead. I didn't track it, but I walked for about an hour and I'm fairly sure over 5 km. Apart from that, nada.

Today I had another go at week 3, and managed to complete all the 10 kph intervals. The second long one was a struggle, so instead of giving up I held on to the front of the treadmill, so I count that as a win. I think next time I'll try something in between week 3 and week 4, so alternating intervals of 3 minutes running and 3 minutes walking.


Dec. 2nd, 2014 09:11 pm
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I had a go at week 4 on Thursday and, not even slightly. I just about managed 3 minutes at 10 kph, and then I was in no way recovered in the 90 seconds walking break. So I thought, ok, week 4 is too hard, I'll try alternating 3 minutes running and 3 minutes walking four times, cos that's about half way between week 3 and week 4. But by the end of 3 minutes walking I was still really struggling for breath, and pretty close to full-on asthma, so I gave up at that point. I am not sure if there's any specific reason why I managed 3 minutes before but couldn't on Thursday, I suspect it may have been that the 5 minute walk wasn't enough of a warmup to attempt something right at the limit of my ability.

So today I dropped back to week 3 and... didn't manage to complete that either. I did 90 seconds, 3 minutes, 90 seconds and just gave up halfway through the second three minute interval. Maybe I could have completed it and just ran out of willpower, I'm not sure. Again, I felt like I was close to asthma so I think I was probably right to stop short. So I'll keep doing week 3 until I can properly manage it with the running intervals at 10 kph.

Week 3

Nov. 21st, 2014 12:32 am
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Ended up postponing yesterday's run to today, so I didn't quite make my three in a week. But I'm not far off, I did three runs in 8 days.

I wasn't sure if I would be able to, but I managed both the 3 minute runs of week 3 at 10 kph. 90 seconds isn't quite long enough for me to fully recover, but I just about managed to keep going anyway. Total distance 2.4 km, because the actual length of the workout in week 3 is quite short. My lungs are a bit cross with me but no, it was worth it, I actually can run for 3 minutes at 10 kph, without being completely exhausted (witness the fact I managed it a second time!)

Week 2

Nov. 13th, 2014 08:39 pm
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I'd forgotten how well calibrated the progress curve is in C25K. Week 2 was lots harder than week 1, but just barely within my capabilities. I'm not confident I will be able to manage the 3 minute intervals in Week 3, but I can only give it a go! Nominal distance 2.7 km, reflecting 9 minutes of running instead of 8.


Oct. 30th, 2014 08:36 pm
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Having hit my intermediate goal pace of 5 km in 40 minutes, I now want to aim for a new goal of 5 km in 30 minutes, which is 10 kph. So I decided the best way to improve my speed is to restart C25K, and since I'm mostly running on the treadmill these days I can use it to guide me so that my running intervals are actually at 10 kph. I'm not going to follow the programme exactly, I think I'm just going to alternate C25K workouts with 5K runs at a pace I know I can do or a fraction faster. And move on to the next "week" whenever I can manage the current week comfortably.

So today I tentatively tried week 1. I wasn't sure I was going to be able to do 8 x 1 minute at 10 kph, that's faster than I ever run even when I care about going fast rather than being sustainable. Actually it was ok, with the treadmill to keep me at a steady pace of exactly 10 kph I can do 1 minute intervals. And unlike when I started from scratch, I'm fit enough that I can just about recover in 90 seconds of walking. Not completely regularizing my heartrate, but enough to attempt the next interval. Total distance nominally 2.5 km.

I didn't listen to any podcast, neither the NHS one nor the Zombies 5K app, because with the intervals this short and this intense, I needed to concentrate on watching the clock and changing the treadmill settings. I may start using podcasts once the intervals get long enough to be boring.
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Second zombie run of the week, another sunny day but a bit windier than Wednesday.  Totally seeing what [personal profile] liv meant about cliffhangers! 2 episodes to go.  And then, I could go straight into series 2, but I'm considering getting the zombie couch-to-5k app first.

I've been spending time noodling over a training spreadsheet and thinking about routines and habits, and decided two things:
1. I want to run three lunchtimes a week now that I'm full time (up from two)
2. I like running long distance, but at my pace, half-marathon training runs can take 3+ hours and more than that is too much time out of a weekend.

So I'm aiming for a "steady state" of 3x 30 min runs, plus 1 long weekend run which will cycle through 5k, 10k & 20k.  Every other 5k run will be a "magic mile" run so that every 6 weeks I get to update my long slow training pace and hopefully see that start to speed up.   My weekend runs will be taking up ~1, 2, or 3 hours, less as I get faster, so I'll be balancing the fun-to-me of long runs with not eating all my weekend time (and seriously testing the patience of my family).  This also has the advantage that if I want to do more half-marathons, I will basically already be in condition to run them.

I'm still having trouble with the GPS registering my position until some way into the run, and it's the sort of problem I don't realise until I get back, which is annoying.  I was going to try one of the zombie "Race Missions" this weekend - I need to do a 5k run, and there's a 5k race in what I've already bought - but that's only going to work if the GPS behaves itself. 

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