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Ran along the Cam at lunchtime today. I see what [personal profile] rmc28 means about it being too hot for running; I found it very hard to motivate myself to keep going even though there was nothing wrong with my legs or lungs. I just got gradually slower and slower through the 30 minutes, but eventually made what for me is a respectable time of 3.5 km in that time.

buying sports clothes is hard when you're fat )
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Aldi will have a bunch of running gear in its Thursday special next week and as I won't be at work on Thursday I might actually be able to get something before it all sells out.

I'm especially keen on the headband-with-ear-coverings, the gloves and the socks.  I don't feel I need another cheap pair of trainers and I am probably too big for all the clothing (certainly I am hilariously outside the size range on the sports bras).  The armband for phone and keys reminds me that I have one of those somewhere and should see if I like it better than the bumbag.

Anyway, I should take a quick measurement of chest, waist and hips on Wednesday evening just in case I'm wrong about the clothes (from experience, they don't put them on the website, but the clothing packaging will list size ranges in inches/cm).

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