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Hello! I'm a new member but I have been working on getting more fit over the past year. I've been walking and starting to learn (to enjoy) running. I have a Fitbit Flex that I love, have been scouring the Skinny Ms. site for fun recipes and workouts, and have just begun the C25K training. It's an easy app to download and I am using it tandem with RunKeeper.

I started Week 1, Day 1 today. Even going out early, it was brutal from the humidity. The puddles on the ground were the only indicators of the thunderstorm we had last night. I'm going to have to push the time I run back further to when the sun is just an idea on the lip of the horizon until this heat wave breaks.

In all honesty, the enthusiasm I had last night to start this training quickly waned this morning when the first bell rang to start the running segment. There was a lot of self-talk occurring to get me through the longest minute of my life, but my enthusiasm began to perk up after the 4th interval and hearing that I was 1/2 way completed. I continued through the training, adding humourous comments to the announcer's "begin running" instruction, and indulging in a moment of black humour when I was in the middle of my 8th running interval and saw a deputy sheriff approaching. I figured that if worst-came-to-worst, I could collapse early enough so that the deputy would stop and give me a lift home. The chuckle was enough to keep me going, and I felt exhausted and exhilarated when I completed my first training session.
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