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I last posted in late september, after the 3rd of 4 week 2 sessions. Just finished the 4th or 5th week 3 session, and I am *less fit* now than I was when I first hit week 3. That would be because, due to a break-up and hitting the busy chunk of semester at work, I've been managing to run only once or twice a week. I'm getting the tight-calves leg pain thing again, which I think might correlate to ambient stress level rather than low fitness.

The significantly increased comfort food intake can't help, either. Dammit, before I took up regular structured exercise I would have sworn my fluctuating waistline bore little relation to my fitness in general (except that if working retail 5+ days a week I would drop weight), and *inverse* relation to the amount of sweeties consumed. Indeed that may have previously been true but for once i'm managing a more or less consistent three meals a day *plus* sweeties, which has not previously been the case in times of distress. Hrrmph.

Still, plodding along. Have decided it's not too onerous to run in jeans or in my wrap-around thai fisherman's pants, since it's now too cold for my 3/4 length cargo pants. Sooner or later I guess I'll need trackpants or similar. My new crochet mitts turn out to be perfect for running in fall: enough to keep my first knuckle covered and my hands generally warm (poor circulation and Reynauds disease lurk in my family, I do not like to tempt the gods of the vascular system). They're cotton, so they don't get over-hot or sweaty as fuzzy gloves do.

This can't last - last year I spent a few hours out one evening in december wearing leather gloves and winter coat and *still* came home with my fingers numb, and upon getting into the warm they stung me to tears for half an hour. I can't afford (and doubt I would use) a gym pass, so I might just have to content myself with walking to work all rugged up through December, and try to regain some running fitness during my brief weeks in Australia in January.
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The good news is, after not running for nearly a month, the week 2 program is still more or less right for me - so I haven't *lost* fitness? I guess my longer walk to work will be helping with that.

Today's run was sufficient fun that instead of turning back halfway, I kept going along the lake, through the ILO gardens (because you can do that in Geneva...) and did a short loop through the Jardin Botanique, then walked back taking photos all the way. My inability to decide on the relative priority of running vs taking my good camera out places probably means it's time I got a good small hiking pack to carry the camera in.

Here, have photographic evidence:

image below )
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Having last week attained the dubious heights of 'able to complete the week 1 workout on two consecutive occasions', after much struggle and fail along the way, I am pleasantly surprised to report that week 2's allocated workout was comfortably within my capacity!

Shock. I might even manage that three times in a week.
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Sigh. Today's effort did result in a complete, non-sabotaged week 1 workout, though. If I made a list of things which have, or which I have *allowed* to derail my adherence to the workout, excluding 'failed to go running at all', it would include:

- deciding to run to work to exchange headphones. Turns out that stopping mid-workout is not a good incentive to resume and complete the workout properly, especially when work is in a part of town with lots of traffic lights one has to wait for. Still, having headphones that don't fall out when running is useful - if only I had remembered to fix that *when not in the middle of running*.
- gas. Why I am prone to burping while jogging (and not during the walking cycles) I do not know, but it is not helpful.
- roadworks. These were loud enough to drown out the 'walk now, run now' prompts, got me all muddled, and I ended up walking for half the workout.
- Inexplicable mental meltdown. Pretty sure exercise is meant to promote happiness, not lead to one bursting into tears ten minutes in for no known reason. (This came in the middle of a bad week, but why the meltdown when running instead of, i dunno, over breakfast, I do not know.)

On the bright side, the leg pain has ceased, my lung capacity/breathing stamina has notably improved, and I haven't fallen over anything or anyone for two whole weeks. Progress!
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Sooo, I'm getting shin pain - upper 50% of the shin, and the pain is mostly at the front and... surface? It doesn't feel like deep calf muscle pain, at any rate. It's noticeable when running, and a bit the next day.

A bit of poking around with google suggests this might be shin splints - I already wear orthodics for gait correction (one suggested solution to shin splints), but they're rigid 3/4 sole ones so I suspect they're contributing to the shock transferrence from the road surface.

I'm wearing sneakers, but fairly cheap ones.

Neither my budget nor my health insurance will cover seeing a podiatrist or physio at the moment. I'd rather not replace the (new) sneakers right away, but I grant that buying cheap-ish ones might have been a mistake.

Anyone know at what point shin pain means 'stop this at once' as opposed to 'duh it hurts, you're incredibly unfit'?
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Congratulate me on my miniscule achievement, O Internet: this afternoon I managed the week 1 C25K circuit without skipping any of the jogging cycles. This was day 3 - on day 1 I managed only 5 of 8 jogging cycles, not consecutively; on day 2, 7 of 8. I figure from here I do at least two more week 1 circuits, focusing on bringing the walk cycles up from 'bedraggled lurch' to 'brisk walk'.

Also this time I didn't fall over and take the skin off my hands and knees. Win! I'm still bearing the scrapes from Tuesday's mishaps.

On the other hand, on the list of reasons running is not actually a free hobby, I really need exercise bras. Never needed exercise bras before in my life (not exactly crucial for cycling). And some shorts. And a belt, because my workout-friendly cargo pants keep falling down. And headphones that won't bounce out of my ears when running.

Did anyone else find that when they started running, many helpful people wanted to chime in and tell you either what other exercise to do instead, or ways to make exercise your ENTIRE LIFE NOW? I've had friends and family assure me walking is just as good (not for the specific fitness type I lack, vis, ability to cope with short bursts of increased intensity), swimming would be better for my ankles (probably, but I'm self-conscious about my terrible swimming), rock climbing is great (true! but expensive!), I should do pushups in the morning (sure, and I should meditate, too, but one thing at a time), and I should join an exercise club (???). I wasn't expecting an onslaught of helpful-slightly-judgemental commentary, is that a common thing?
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