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I got out for my lunchtime run as planned!  Another nice sunny (cold) day.  I managed to forget the stretchy tube I use to keep my hair out of my eyes but luckily it was not too windy today so I got away with it.

I made one change which is to start my tracking program about 10 seconds before the end of the warm up walk, and to stop it as soon as I can dig my phone out after the start of the cool down walk.  This gives me an instant boost to my pace. Yay.

More importantly, it means it'll be easier for me to transition to post-c25k running plans where I'll basically walk long enough to get a good GPS signal and feel ready to run, and I'll stop to cool down at the end of my street.  I know from experience this suits me more in the long run (heh!) than the strict 5 minutes at each end of my c25k app workouts.   I'd rather get the pace bump out the way now, so I can compare data between runs more usefully for the rest of the c25k programme.

Today I "only" ran for 19 minutes, alternating 90s running and 2min walking, and I continued to enjoy it.  Next run: Saturday (and no letting walking errands disrupt it this time).
rmc28: Photo of me shortly before starting my first half-marathon (half-marathon)
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My son's enthusiasm did not last, or at least, every time since then I've offered to take him running, he's refused.

I've admitted to myself that any pretence of a regular running habit has pretty much disappeared from my life recently, and realised this is partly because I'm nervous about overextending myself and triggering a migraine.  This is particularly unhelpful because regular running is good for managing my other major trigger (stress) as well as general fitness.  Rebuilding the habit is one of the most helpful things I can do for myself right now, and I need to get past being scared.

I know I can do c25k week 1 workouts without overextending, and that when I did this the first time, I found the progression between weeks worked just fine.  So I'm just going for a straight go at c25k, repeating weeks if necessary, but fundamentally getting back in the habit of running 3 times a week - two work lunchtimes and once at the weekend.

Today's run was as straightforward as I'd hoped, and I tested out whether I could use Get Running alongside Zombies Run, and they seemed to play nicely together.   Next run: Monday.

(I'm going to try, as much as possible, to stick to the same days each week while rebuilding this habit: Monday + Thursday lunchtime, Saturday late-morning when my spouse is up and able to watch the children.)

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I started today!  I managed the whole of the Day 1 run, using the GetRunning app and listening to a backlog of the News Quiz.  I do like the way GetRunning plays nicely with the audioplayer on my iphone, pausing it for the start/stop running announcements and fading it for the "30 seconds more" updates.  So I did 5 min warm-up, 8x 1 minute run separated by 90 seconds walking, and 5 min cool-down.  I had to walk another 5 minutes or so to get home given the route I'd taken and then I stretched.

I also used the RunKeeper app to map my "run" which showed that I covered a bit over 2 miles by the end of the cool-down.  (I'm estimating from memory of where I was - next time I'll take a note at that point even if I'm not quite home.)
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