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Mild stitch in first long run, ran determinedly slower until last minute of last long run. On the good side, 90 seconds of running feels "easy" now. Looking at next week's 5 minute run with a bit of trepidation (time to make another playlist I think).

Scheduling remains a pain. I had a politics day conference yesterday and was too slow to wake to run beforehand and too tired afterwards to run (or indeed to go to a social event in the evening, bah). I'm now half a week out of sync, and I'm wary of overdoing things by exercising on consecutive days. So I think I'm going to aim for alternate days until I sync back up with my study week, however long that takes, and no doubt with further occasional 'misses'.

From tomorrow I'm going to be cycling rather than walking to work, and cycling back and forth at lunchtime. I will have to run either first-thing or in the evening; if it were just me to consider I'd prefer mornings but I suspect evening is going to work better for babycare. Babies: not conducive to fitness regimes.
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