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Last week I ran Tuesday, as posted, and again on Thursday.  I didn't manage at the weekend, but that's a week with one run followed by a week with two, and this is the third week. Maybe I'll manage my target three this time?

I was feeling distinctly unenthused as 1pm approached today, but talked myself into going out anyway, mainly on the grounds that this was the time, I'd brought in my stuff, and if I missed it there would be no chance of getting three runs in this week.  And of course, once I'd started the warm-up walk I was feeling happier, and by the end of it I was feeling much happier in general.  It's a cold grey day here, but I picked a route that takes me on footpaths along the edge of the city, green farmland and open space stretching out into the distance and In Our Time gently talking in my headphones.

So now I am going into a busy afternoon a lot more centred and settled than I was before.  It's this kind of feeling that makes me want to keep running regularly.
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