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Ran this yesterday lunchtime, which was more pleasant than the current weather.   I got another sodding zombie chase in the first few minutes, and I had a slow overall pace again.   I found it all rather more fun than I did on Tuesday, probably helped by getting considerably further before the story ran out. 

I was typing out some sentences about how I'm running 5k in 40 minutes and isn't it great that c25k has taken me from "running?" to "why isn't my 5k faster?".  Then I thought, hmm, perhaps the fact my pace has fallen off is that I've gone from running 30min + warm up + cooldown to running at least 35min + cooldown and started doing interval training zombie chases all at once.

I'm taking the attitude to my marathon training that it's feels a bit strange compared with how I think about running, but it's the plan I found that fits my lifestyle and therefore I am trying to just follow it without arguing, at least as long as it feels sensible and non-damaging to do so.  And the plan says 30 min runs twice a week, not 35+ min runs.   So next week I'm going to try to keep my zombie runs to 30 minutes of running and enough walking to cool down, and no more.

Tomorrow I have a long slow 10k run planned, with SIT managing my 30s:1min run:walk ratio, RunKeeper set to monitor my pace, and an interesting (I hope) playlist of podcasts to keep my brain busy.  I am feeling very grateful for my smartphone and the app ecosystem at the moment - it would be far less enticing with a stopwatch and a walkman, which is what I had as a teen.

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