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My 8-year-old son has expressed interest in running with me, and so I sat down with him yesterday afternoon and went through the app that I used the first time I did c25k.  He continued to be enthused, so we got changed and went out for a run.  In the dark (which is apparently part of the appeal), but up and down our local residential streets, which are fairly well lit.

The pattern for this week is: 5 minutes walking, 8 sets of (1 min run, 1.5 min walk), 5 minutes walking.  Annoyingly the app crashed during the first run, but it is possible to skip through to the right point of the workout on restart, so we were able to continue through, though we probably both ran too much and walked too much for the first set.

I enjoyed it, as I've missed a lot of running recently due to a migraine flare up, but it was sufficiently low-key effort for me that I felt safe not triggering another headache.  I think C enjoyed it, and he was very game for all the running bits, but noticeably tired by the end of the workout.

If C's enthusiasm lasts, we'll go out again on Wednesday and Friday, and I'll try to get out for a slow 5k by myself at the weekend.

It's a very different experience than running by myself with music.  I had the phone on speaker but no music, so we just heard the voice telling us when to start and stop running, rather than sharing my (fabulous) music taste with the entire neighbourhood.  I needed to pay attention to how C was doing, and explain our route, and we had a bit of general-conversation in between running-conversation.  I very much hope he continues, but obviously I'm not going to force him to if he changes his mind.
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