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Jul. 17th, 2014 07:56 pm
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I bought new running shoes at the weekend. Brooks Defyance [sic], which are basically very similar to my old running shoes (made from the same mould, apparently), but with somewhat less gait correction. Now that I have in fact managed to run 150 times in the year and a half since I first bought fancy shoes, I'm reasonably convinced that specialist running shoes are acceptable value for money.

Today was my first attempt running in them. They are neither miraculously better than my old shoes, nor uncomfortable due to being stiff and new or because of the lower amount of support. I was trying to run at a steady pace rather than pushing myself to break my PR. I struggled with motivation, even though there was nothing obviously physically wrong, I just felt out of sorts. I ended up taking a couple of walking breaks during the last quarter of my uphill mile, I just couldn't make myself keep running. Looking back at my charts it looks as if I maybe did too well with the steady thing; I didn't appreciably slow down for the uphill section, so it's perhaps not surprising that I ran out of energy by the end of it.

Total only 3.3 km in 30 minutes, but that's mainly because of the wobbly bit in the middle.
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