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I have been trying to get back to regular runs of 5.0 miles; today I a managed to eek one out, with a time of 10:58 min/mile. It started sleeting halfway through, but since I was already 2 miles away from home, I just kept plodding. I felt pretty energetic for this one, which I think is reflected in my time.

I'm back and forth between regular 5Ks and 5-milers right now, as I'm favoring my left hip (likely my IT band acting up, despite the daily stretches). I want to get back up to 10K, as in my head I'd love to run one of those in the spring.

I noticed today on Map My Run that I've recorded 40 workouts, with 191 miles run since October 2014. It only works out to about 11 miles/week, but I'm pretty proud of that. I'm still not covering the distances I would like to cover, but I'm gonna go ahead and give myself props for running that distance. With the cold and wet lately, it's been hard to stay motivated to go out. And I'm not fleet or fit, but knowing my legs have carried me that far - that makes me feel strong.

Short Run

Jul. 22nd, 2014 11:01 pm
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I ran 1.5 miles tonight, starting with 1.25 miles in 11'41", walking for 11 minutes, and then finishing up the last quarter mile with an easy run. I wanted to run continuously, but knee pain after my last run has me feeling more conscious of the mileage. If I run with my knee brace on very firm/tight, I have the right "grip" but then I find I've a stiffness to the knee; wondering if a new brace that slides on or buckles/tightens in a different way might be helpful. Also wondering if I'm keeping my knees stiff because of fear of injury. Trying to find the right gait also feels more difficult than it used to be. I have to keep reminding myself to position my feet to land below my body, to strike on the mid-foot, to not turn my leg in or out - it almost seems harder than when I first began running. In good news I didn't feel too winded and I didn't tired out, although it was like swimming through a warm porridge, thanks to the humidity.

Even so, it's the farthest distance I've run since early June. Iced immediately afterwards, and was able to go without ibuprofen tonight. If my knee feels good tomorrow I'll repeat the distance Thursday.
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I've been out of sorts for the past 5-6 weeks since developing runner's knee in early June (came down wrong on the knee - which has had prior injuries/issues - during an easy pace run). This was a bit of a blow to me as I've been trying to build distance all year in the hopes of running a 10K this fall. I'm not sure I'm on schedule to do it this fall after the injury, but time will tell. Prior to the injury, I was making 4.0 mi/6.4 km runs with about an average pace of 11'32".

During my month off, I've been cycling and doing some yoga, mainly to try to strengthen my quads/hamstrings to help support the knee. I also bought a new pair of running shoes since the old ones were very high-mileage. Today I took my first run post-injury, a meager 0.4 miles (I'm following the conventional wisdom that one should start at a tenth of their previous mileage and then slowly add on a tenth if things are pain-free). I'm also wearing a brace on the knee, which I wore prior to the injury. I found at the very start that I was incredibly unsure of my gait/stride, probably because I was afraid of experiencing pain in the knee and possibly because it's been a while. I had some mild twitchiness across the top of my knee during that, but it seemed to fade once I figured out my stride. It definitely felt too short - it was only two blocks. After the run I took to my bike and rode 4.0 miles at an 8-10 mph pace. Once back at home I pre-emptively iced - the knee is a tiny bit grindy, but otherwise pain-free, so I guess I'll call it a success for now.

Week 5

Aug. 4th, 2013 10:37 am
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I made it through Workout 1 of Week 5 this morning, despite the fact that my hip was nagging me slightly. (I've been spending the last several workouts repeating Week 4.) I did several hip-opening stretches prior to the run to help, and I paced myself very carefully. It was cool and cloudy out, with a lovely breeze, so more enjoyable. I definitely ran slower than my previous Week 4 runs, but I ended up running an extra minute to complete the course. My left hip is still twinging a little, which is aggravating, but it's not deep bursitis pain; I think ice is all I need here. I'm simply happy because at one point I could not even run a 5-minute stretch at a time without severe pain, and today I ran three 5-minute stretches!

Wk4, WO 3

Jul. 26th, 2013 11:06 am
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It was wonderfully cool this morning, but today's run seemed harder than the previous two. I've felt a little tired and run-down overall the past day or so, as it is, and I felt sleepier than I wanted to be. I think that made my form more sloppy (I forget to keep my pelvis forward, which puts more strain on my hip joints), and I was feeling this run in my left hip/knee as a result. Feeling those twinges definitely made the longer running stretches more mentally challenging for me (do I push through it? do I stop a little sooner? am I going to be in amazing hip pain later?). I was also slower than Wednesday's run.

I think that I may run a few more workouts at Week 4 until I feel like I can complete the run without wanting to collapse constantly feeling the need to check my time.
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*waves* I started C25K back on June 28th and have been following along here. I spent some extra time at Week 3, so am currently working my way through Week 4. I haven't run successfully since college *mumbles* years ago, although I have been wanting to run for fitness for several years.

Today I covered a distance of 2.1 miles in 26 minutes. So I'm very slow, but I think "taking it easy" is a good move for me since I have previously dealt with hip bursitis and knee issues when attempting to run. Most of my focus right now is keeping my hips forward/upright and working on an easy stride where every muscle isn't bunched up and screaming. (Oh, and I don't have a smartphone, so use the stopwatch feature on my dumbphone to keep time. This week I have taken to writing the times on my wrist before I head out, as it can be hard to keep track of when I'm out of breath.)

I've been doing hip-opening/IT band stretches both before and after workouts to try to keep the hip twinges at bay, although sometimes I still get a twinge in the joint on one particular side (it will last after the run, but is usually gone by the end of the day). Does anyone have advice on how to keep those at bay?
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