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2.4km, alternating 400m of running and walking (this feels a bit weird ending with a walk, after which I will ... walk some more to cool down).

It didn't feel especially hard, but I seemed to be taking it even slower than on Friday, so that's perhaps why it wasn't hard!.   I have to keep reminding myself that the bigger challenge for me right now is keeping regular running in my schedule, and going faster/further is a bonus (I will go further anyway by dint of the training plan)

I was enchanted to discover today a subgenre of music compilations targeted exactly at me: the club workout mix.  I now have Ministry of Sound Running Trax 2014 for my delectation and delight.  It comes with 60 tracks, and 3 long mixes (60-80 minutes!) of those tracks, entitled "warm up", "feel the burn" & "high energy".  That's one heck of a warm up, but might be fun to listen to when I get up into the longer sessions of this training plan.
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