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It's taken me a bit longer to complete week 2 of Zombies: 5k training.

The training is still (to me) very light: walking, 5x running drills, "free form run".  This week the running section of the running drills goes from 15s to 30s, and heel lifts are added after each running section.  Heel lifts are: standing still, raising up onto toes and lowering back down.

Now, the first thing that occurred to me is that these are useless if you are on a treadmill, and the second thing is that they aren't great if you're running outdoors on a path that other people use (i.e. my lunchtime run) because people running/cycling behind you aren't going to expect you to suddenly stop and do exercises.  And the third thing that occurred to me is that my balance is a bit dodgy and I don't really like doing these heel lifts.

I started running for some of the 10 minute free-form time.  It's very unusual for me not to be running on a schedule, and probably good for me to be focusing on how I feel, how my body is coping with this running, is it perhaps time to slow down or stop now.

Anyway in the freeform part of session 2, my left calf suddenly hurt sharply, in a way it never has before, so I stopped running and walked the rest of the way.  I rested for a few days, and after it seemed to be better I did a long training run, in which it started aching again some way in, but not badly. 

So I took a week off running, rested, stretched, massaged the dodgy calf, and did some more running again this week.  This time, when I did session 3, I skipped the heel lifts.  I don't have proof that they are what (over)stretched my poor calf, but the fact remains that I've done C25k and lots of running without ever hurting my muscles like that, and suddenly after doing heel lifts which work the calf, it goes ping.

I did another long training run yesterday, and again the calf was fine until a few km in, then it ached sharply at first, and then settled down to a dull ache so I felt able to continue to the end of my run.  But basically I'm eyeing those stretches very dubiously.  They may work for many people but they clearly don't work for me.  I don't think I'll be doing the mid-run stretches that get introduced in the rest of the training (knee lifts next week).

Next week seems to have a sudden jump to a 5 minute run in the warm up, which seems a bit of a challenge after just doing little 30s running drills. I'm not sure I'm convinced about the get-beginners-running aspect of this app, though I'm still enough of a sucker for the tell-me-more-story bits to work my way through.

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