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Last week I did the three runs that make up week 1 of Zombies 5k Training.

They seemed much more gentle than the C25k app I used last time: 10 minutes to warm up, then 10 lots of walk 1 min, run 15s, then 10 minutes "free form run" i.e. walk or run as you prefer. As it was my first week trying to do three easy runs plus a longer one at the weekend, I preferred just to walk.

I enjoyed the little bits of extra "around Abel township" content, got to know a few people a bit better.

I was amusingly incompetent with settings and failed to get any meaningful pace data out of the first week. Tip for other users: make sure you tick either GPS or accelerometer, it's possible to do the sessions without either.

My main worry looking ahead is that the lovely gentle start must mean ramping up faster later; also from the workout descriptions, the sessions get longer in later weeks, which will be a squeeze to fit into my normal lunch hour.

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Date: 18/03/2014 08:48 pm (UTC)
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Yeah, I had a poke at the Zom25K app and I was surprised that it seems to have quite a different structure from the C25K programme we're used to. I'm not sure I _can_ run for only 15 seconds, especially not on the treadmill. But anyway, I'll see how I feel in the next few weeks and whether going back to short intervals makes sense for me.

Well done on getting three runs in, though!
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