Jan. 29th, 2015

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I have been trying to get back to regular runs of 5.0 miles; today I a managed to eek one out, with a time of 10:58 min/mile. It started sleeting halfway through, but since I was already 2 miles away from home, I just kept plodding. I felt pretty energetic for this one, which I think is reflected in my time.

I'm back and forth between regular 5Ks and 5-milers right now, as I'm favoring my left hip (likely my IT band acting up, despite the daily stretches). I want to get back up to 10K, as in my head I'd love to run one of those in the spring.

I noticed today on Map My Run that I've recorded 40 workouts, with 191 miles run since October 2014. It only works out to about 11 miles/week, but I'm pretty proud of that. I'm still not covering the distances I would like to cover, but I'm gonna go ahead and give myself props for running that distance. With the cold and wet lately, it's been hard to stay motivated to go out. And I'm not fleet or fit, but knowing my legs have carried me that far - that makes me feel strong.
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I ran two lots of 15 minutes at 8 kph today, walking breaks in between, and completed the 5K in 39½ minutes. I feel like I'm getting over the hump and I probably am capable of running the whole distance at my new pace. But I'll keep on incrementing gradually, I'll try for 17½ minute running intervals next time.

The Zombies! Run plot is getting pretty exciting (up to S2 mission 14). I just wish it weren't so hard to hear Archie when she's such a major character.
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