Dec. 5th, 2012

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I had some free time this morning courtesy of Nicholas's "settling in" time at nursery, in preparation for going for a full day tomorrow.  So I decided to seize the opportunity to run in daylight, even though the night's faint dusting of snow was still melting. I've lost my little bumbag, but I found the little running backpack I bought a few years ago for power-walking, which worked quite well for carrying keys, phone and (as it turned out) unnecessary clothing.

I wore extra layers: a ski rollneck under my usual running top, and leggings under shorts, and a "snowboarding" cloth tube over my ears and head.  By the time I was halfway through the first  8 minute run I was actually hot, so I took advantage of the 5 minute walk to strip off the head tube and the running top and shoved them in my little backpack.  I completed the run in reasonable comfort, apart from being out of breath etc.  I took a different route from usual, down a long street with one side in daylight so the snow had melted away, and for the first time found RunKeeper's reminder to turn around useful.

I'm pleased that I seem to have got the hang of adjusting my pace so I don't get horrible stitches; I usually get the beginning of one, slow down, and it goes away again.  This bodes well for 20 minutes in one go in the next run.  Friday morning if possible.  I am amused that I am now thinking of routes to maximise time in the sunshine - I can imagine that in summer I will want to do the opposite ...
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