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I'm really glad I decided to repeat week 5 this week, because today's run was really, really tough. I thought it would be easy, dropping back to the 3x5 minute runs from the beginning of week 5, but no, it nearly killed me, though I did just barely finish, with all the running sections at 7.5 kph. Don't know if that was because I was over-confident, or because I was trying out wearing a top with some structural support and it compressed my ribs slightly, or because I've been running outside for the last couple so got used to a slightly slower pace and being able to slow down when I'm struggling.

Oh well, they say you shouldn't analyse these things too hard, sometimes you just have worse runs. Overall 2.9 km in 26 mins, or slightly under 9' per km.

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Date: 14/11/2012 12:38 am (UTC)
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*hugs* Oh, well done.
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