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Today it was cold but sunny, decided to risk running anyway. The measured temperature was 8°C, but by running in direct sunshine it was warm enough for my lungs to cope. Having reached the end of week 5 (albeit a day behind schedule), I was supposed to just run for 20 minutes continuously. I managed 12, which is still 50% more than I've ever done before. I think I probably went slightly too fast, though I thought I was going slowly; the average pace was 9'9'' per km (so really quite a lot faster than I managed the midweek workout of 2 x 8 minutes). And maybe I could have pushed myself a little bit more, I'm not sure; I'm finding it slightly hard to tell.

Plan for next week is to repeat Week 5 and see if I can manage the full 20 minutes this time. And if not in one chunk, I will make myself do it in two, rather than giving up once I'm exhausted.

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Date: 11/11/2012 09:12 pm (UTC)
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Awesome stuff!

I have not run for 10 days now, due to tedious combination of things like migraine, baby-wrangling, going to visit my dad and now a knee that is sore.

I actually miss it. At least if you are repeating 5 I can try to sync up with you again.
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