Apr. 26th, 2015

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For my birthday recently my sister-in-law sent me a pulse watch. Just a cheapish one. At least I hope it's a cheap one, as that's what I asked for. I wanted it to see if I even like using such a thing, so definitely don't need anything super-advanced and expensive.

It gives me a far more accurate way of timing myself when running, so that's excellent.

The pulse monitor is one of those where you press a button and then place your finger on a sensor on top of the watch and then it uses some sort of UV technology, I believe, to measure pulse. I had rather imagined something that could monitor pulse continually while running and then give me an average and a maximum afterwards. Research shows that this was not really possible in the price range I had asked for, so I will adapt. I'll just have to measure it myself a couple of times during.

Unfortunately it has turned out to be difficult to do so while moving, as moving makes it impossible to keep my finger still on the sensor. This lead to some wildly inaccurate measurements. After three minutes of running, for example, I seemed to have a pulse of around 58 beats per minute, which... If I believed for a moment that was true, I'd be on my way to the doctor right now! So in order to measure pulse properly, I'll have to ignore Evil Laura's insistance to not stop moving and stand still for a minute while measuring. Not ideal, but it'll have to do. I can cope with that.

Even with stopping a couple of times during today's run, I still came home with the second-fastest time. Slower only than the fastest by two seconds. If I hadn't had to stop for a minute a couple of times during, I would have been way faster than the fastest. Pretty cool that, I think!

All in all, it went pretty well today. I had a hard time getting around to going but once I got started, I started trying to pay attention to my footfalls and such, and what would happen if I tried to take slightly quicker steps instead of trying to make them longer. The third three minute run was over way faster than I expected it. I felt like I had just started when Evil Laura said there were 60 seconds to go. I think I can go up to week 4 soon.

All in all, I think I'm getting on well with this watch. It'll take a good amount of getting used to as I don't normally wear a watch, so I had a bit of trouble at first not being distracted by the funny heavy object on my arm, but I can definitely see myself upgrading to something rather more sophisticated in the future when I'm more experienced.
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