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Success!  I ran 20 minutes continuously!

It was hard work and I ended it hot but with a big endorphin-and-success buzz.  I think I basically covered the same distance as Day 2 as I followed a near-identical route, but RunKeeper failed to record the distance.   I did have some doubts during the run as to whether I could manage it, but stuck with it, kept my pace nice and slow, and it worked.

I enjoyed having finished very much.  I think now I'm confident I can finish, I am more likely to enjoy the actual running too.

It has generally been too cold for me to contemplate running after dark this week; I am turning my mind to logistics so I can run in daylight Mon, Wed, Fri next week.  It makes all the difference.

OMG YAY!!!!!!

Date: 08/12/2012 05:18 pm (UTC)
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Isn't it the best feeling, finding you've actually run for 20 minutes without a break?! And yes, it's a huge confidence boost, I've not been anything like as scared before any of the week 6 to 9 runs as I was before 5-3. Yay for both of us encouraging eachother to reach that big milestone! \*o*/ \*o*/
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