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So I said I wasn't planning to run yesterday, but as it turned out I was very short of sleep and one way I know to get myself tired enough for a nap is a run!  Also the weather was considerably less cold and the children reasonably cooperative, so I kitted up and went out just at sunset.

It was only when I was already outside that I realised that Week 5 is where things change up, so instead of the 3x 5min run I'd done on Tuesday, it was 2x 8min runs.  So I didn't give myself time to worry about it and just went with it, and it was surprisingly ok.  I seem to be finding my way into the zone where I don't think very much and can just keep running, so when I came to the end of the first 8 minutes I was "oh, is that over now".  The second one I was getting noticeably hot towards the end, but I concentrated on not rushing it, and again I felt pretty good when it was all done.

Runkeeper tells me my pace was a little slower, but then my biggest problem always has been going off too fast.  If I'm finally learning not to do that in favour of being able to just keep running, I'm in favour.

I need to figure out my schedule for tomorrow so there's time for a run, because then I can get back into Monday-Thursday-Saturday from next week rather than the following one.  This time it's 1 lot of 20 minutes, which doesn't scare me as much now as it did when I saw it before yesterday's run.

[also I had a lovely 90 minute nap afterward, long enough to restore myself, short enough I could get up and do a few normal evening-routine things afterward before going to bed 'properly' for work today]
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