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I had a migraine on Tuesday; was definitely too tired to run on Wednesday; took my running gear to work on Thursday but really didn't want to go running and didn't force myself.

Friday I woke up feeling ready to run.  (It's sometimes hard for me to trust my sense of whether I'm actually ill or just have the dontwannas, but the difference between Thursday and Friday was very clear, and I'm going to try to remember that next time I'm not sure.)  Friday was also a day of leave because my older child's school was closed for teacher training, so I had a leisurely start to the day, and walked my toddler down to nursery and ran home by a longer route to take up the 30 minutes.

The main thing of note about run 23/67 was the pleasing discovery from the "splits" on RunKeeper that each km had been slightly faster than the previous one, which means my attempts to keep to a sustainable pace are working.  The overall pace was not my fastest but not far off it either.

Run 24/67 was 3.2km, alternating 400m of running and walking.  After last week this was nice and easy, and I tried out a different route with less busy road in and felt it worked well.  A+ will run again.   Also pleasing was another big improvement on my pace.

Next week: I plan to do my time runs on Tuesday and Thursday lunchtimes.  The weekend is full of Science Festival stuff, but I think I can plausibly run lateish on Saturday (thank goodness for longer days now).  Another push on distance, this time to 8km, but I should be able to do it before dark if I get out promptly.
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