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I am full of the dontwannas today.  But if I don't go out in the next half-hour then I won't get out at all today, and because of other commitments, I won't manage three runs this week, because I only have today and Sunday left.

And I dontwanna because I am busy and stressed and would rather sit around and read stuff on the internet even though actually going outside and running will probably help with the stress more than anything else I can think of.

Edit: As I hoped, making this post did help tip me to going out, and I did run for just over 30 minutes, and I do feel a bit better as a result.

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I found this morning hard work. I'm a bit sleep-deprived, a bit stressed, a bit achey. All of these are reasons I definitely needed to exercise, and all reasons that I wanted to get on with doing other things instead.

So, go me for turning up anyway. It's interesting how much differently I perceive the activity itself when the machine is the same and the programme is the same but I am not feeling great. It makes sense that everything is a bit less comfortable, feels a bit harder, but I had to talk myself into keeping going today in a way I haven't really had to before -- not because I was in significant pain or struggling to breathe fast enough or anything like that (I wasn't), but just because I didn't feel like it.

Here's hoping next week is more usual.
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I've just updated my own blog with the tale of woe, but I want to say thank you to my fellow members for keeping this community updated.  Even though I feel stalled on returning to run, the fact that you are both updating regularly is keeping me from giving up entirely, and determined to resume when I have stopped (literally) tripping over obstacles.

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