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My plan to run yesterday was scuppered by a visit from my stepsister, which was a really pleasant reason.  (She is training for the Paris marathon in April, we might have geeked about running training for much of the visit.)

So I ran today, in the least-freezing part of the day according to the weather forecast.  It was cold.  It was just above freezing and I did not slip on any ice, though I ran past several frozen-over puddles.  I was covered from neck to wrist to toe, plus my usual ski-tube-hat-thing and my rather less usual gloves and running gilet, and it was just about bearable.

This session is the first continuous run of the programme, 20 minutes straight through with just the warm up and cool down walks at each end.  I followed the same route I've done for the previous 3 runs at home, and could tell I definitely went further and faster in that 20 minutes than in the 21-or-so minutes for the previous ones.  It wasn't quite as ok as day 2, but I got through it without stopping, so it's all good.

My pace for this was approx 7:45 min/km which I'll be very happy with if it's what I can do over 30 minutes at the end of week 9.
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