Sep. 11th, 2016

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Hello! It's been a goodly while since I've last posted anything here. This is because I haven't actually been running for a goodly while. Bad dog!

I completed the c25k program a couple of years ago (I think?) and was rewarded with my fantabulous Kenwood kitchen machine. I love that thing! I really don't know how I ever managed without it. Anyway. Then winter happened and I didn't run because dark and icy. Especially icy and I'm afraid of falling.

So the next year, I tried again and got maybe a third of the way through the program, but then I had to skip a week due to being poorly and never really managed to start up again.

Now, I'm starting up again. Husband and I have made a sort of pact. I need to start this up again, he wants to start up getting out cycling again, on account of his rather sedentary job that he can't commute to by bicycle, and we both need motivation, discipline, accountability and rather a bit of nagging. So, deal is, I will start up running, he will start up cycling and we will chivvy each other to get it done. So long as one of us is still following their program, the other is not permitted to stop.

To this end, we have invested in fitness trackers (Garmin vivosmart HR, for those interested), which we have now been using for five days now, so we're still learning how they work, really. User interface between the unit, the phone app and the website dashboard is not even slightly intuitive and I have discovered that sometimes you have to change the same setting in all three places individually because apparently those don't sync. And that's only if you can actually find the setting! The great thing is, though, we can see each other's profiles on the app, so there can be no cheating!

Still uncertain what we'll do when snow and ice and cold and dark and winter comes. Probably something to do with an exercise bike or something else that can be done indoors and folded away. I seriously can't run outside if it's icy or if I even just think it might be slippery.

tl;dr, Husband and I are making each other get fit by use of fitness trackers and nagging.

So, once again I have "teamed up" with Evil Laura, she of the NHS c25k program, and I've done the first two runs of week 1. I am still forever amazed that 60 seconds can somehow manage to be three times as long as 90 seconds. Brisk walks at the beginning of the session decidedly brisker than so-called brisk walks later on.

I'm managing, though. It's quite interesting to look at my pulse graph afterwards and be able to clearly tell the runs from the walks. I am, however, apparently experiencing a weird glitch in the garmin, because both times I've been out, it appears to think that I've done nearly 80 kilometers per hour for about 45 seconds, which I obviously haven't. I've tried comparing the two runs and at first I thought it had happened at the moment when I slid on a squashed apple (nice pulse spike there!) but the graph says that's not when that happened. It seems to have been at around the same time in the two runs. Can't work out what's going on there. A little annoying, really, because that way I can't know the actual fastest speed I've had during the run.

Ooh, and also, I've bought the most amazing running shoes! They are so ugly they're actually really awesome. They're Nike shoes, multicoloured and they look like they were knitted. When I first saw them I knew I had to have them. :D Wonderfully comfortable to wear as well, rather like wearing a sock with a shoe sole on it.

Right, Garmin (I feel I should name it something or other) tells me I have to move around, so I'm going to go and walk a few laps around the dining table. :)
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