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I was away on holiday last week, and opted not to pack my running things.  So today I did week 3 session 1 of Zom25k, and it just takes too long.  The episode length is about 45 minutes, and with changing/showering time, that ran me well over my lunch hour.  I felt pretty good afterward, in particular in letting myself run for rather longer periods than I'm used to in one go at the moment.  But I just can't spend that much time away from my desk.

I still like the story-content but the training pattern is only so-so for me.  I might listen through the training episodes for the story while doing longer training runs on weekends.  But for my weekday runs, I'm going to go back to the main app, and just do 30-min runs.  (the only episodes that went seriously over 30 minutes were those where I had unusually long tracks pulled out of the running playlist, and I've removed all those now).

Zombies Run 3 is due out "in April" so I'm busy using up all the content I've already paid for until ZR3 is out and the pricing for season 2 & 3 episodes is clearer.
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