Jun. 18th, 2015

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I've had a number of disruptions to running recently: home improvements, the weather, a migraine.  Anyway, it meant that I didn't manage my long run on the 7th June, or indeed the 14th June; I only ran once last week and I've just done the first run of this week.  I may be able to manage a long run this Saturday (Sunday is very unlikely) so we'll see.

I decided to keep repeating the "midweek" runs until I get this 13k long run done, and though it took a bit of faffing with RunKeeper I have succeeded in getting it to do what I want.

Last week's run had a bit of excitement as I found myself running contraflow to literally hundreds of students coming out of an exam held in the sports centre.  Luckily they were spread out enough that I could get through while still jogging, but it was a big change from the usual dozen or so people I normally pass along that stretch.

Today I did a very simple route - up my street to the main road, and out of town until I'd done 15 minutes, then turn around and back again.  I'm trying to stop obsessing about cut corners and this route was so simple that I could see that although there's a bunch of wobble it's not obviously underrating me.  I definitely did the second 15 minutes faster than the first though - overshot my start point by some distance.

The main road out of town isn't too horribly busy on a weekday evening, either on the road or with other pedestrians, and it was no longer so hot I couldn't face running at all.
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