May. 10th, 2015

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The only thing more annoying than random strangers offering random unasked for opinions on what you are doing is when you come home and look it up and discover they were right. *grumble*

Still though. I did week four for the third time today and while last time was difficult, today was fairly easy. In spite of aforementioned random stranger's random unsolicited opinion, which she stopped me in order to give, I was actually two seconds faster than previously fastest time. Woot! I feel fairly ready to take on week five actually, but I'm going to do week four one or two more times, I think. It all depends on how brave I feel next week. If I don't feel brave, it'll be more of week four.

Leveling up to week five is also the time when I need to decide what my actual running goal is. I've already proven that I can train myself up to 5K, but I will happily admit that I never got to the point of not finding it tremendously difficult to make it all the way through. The little route I'm currently using is about 3.5K, so the question is, do I want to go up on the 5K route or do I want to just continue to do the small route for a while and give the podcasts a pause once I can do that one.

I'm undecided. Doesn't really make much difference, because I can just change it up or down again if I change my mind, but I need to at least have an idea of what I'm aiming for. It's a motivation thing.
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I had a shitty, shitty run today. I'm in week 7 - and I've sailed through everything else so far. This week is 3x12minutes with 3 minute walks in between. I tanked at minute 10 of the second interval, and walked the rest of the way home. I felt awful. There were a lot of factors.

I was running mid-day, which I never do, and the sun was brutal; hardly any shade and nary a breeze to boot. It only got to 85F today, but the humidity was in the 80's% as well. I wasn't well hydrated - halfway through my first interval my mouth was already getting gummy. My stomach was being touchy. I also started pushing my pace more than I should have. I've been around 5MPH and often I don't realize how my pace has crept up. After I stopped running, I walked home and actually made it right at the end of the workout. All told I traveled 5k (3.2 miles) but walked almost the entire second half of it.

Over the last 10 hours, I put down over 1/2 gallon of fluid + electrolytes, plus several glasses of iced tea with dinner, and I finally had a decent pee and am feeling truly better. I'll be trying again tomorrow or Tuesday after work, weather permitting. The forecast is thunderstorms from here to the end of the month, it seems like (can't complain too much, given the drought.)

My friend is giving me a free treadmill :-) So that's awesome, should be good for when the weather creeps over 90F and it's particularly nasty during the day.
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