Apr. 28th, 2015

Back at it

Apr. 28th, 2015 09:01 pm
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So I restarted C25K a few weeks ago - I didn't make it through the program (again), but I'm trying again anyway. I'm up to week 4. This time, I have a (human) running buddy/co-worker that I meet up with every Sunday; he's a much better and more accomplished runner than I, and it's nice to have someone to learn from. For Sunday, we just go out; no routines or specified pattern, just running till I'm tired and then walking till I'm ready to go again. While running should seem pretty elementary, apparently there are bunches of ways to do it wrong.

Apparently I run way, way too fast on the running portions; apparently my legs aren't supposed to feel like they're going to give out on me by the end of it. At least, not at my current weight and ability level. He suggested I scale my pace back; when I complained that I felt like I was going nowhere, he pointed out that the difference between 5mph and 4mph is the difference between quitting and finishing. So this week, I am really, really focused on keeping a slow, sustainable pace. If I get very winded, I slow down - pride be damned.

It really paid off! I sailed through today's run (4 minute jogs/1 minute walks) easily. I am pretty excited.

My preferred exercise is lifting, but my right arm is messed up with cubital and carpral tunnel, as well as an irritated ligament in my elbow; so for now, I'm banned from lifting, which means I'll be mostly focused on running for the next few months.
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