Apr. 8th, 2015

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Phew, I haven't been out since... the end of March. Last time I should have been out I decided that Certain Female Issues and the discomfort (and pain) this involves is permitted reason to not do exercises. Immediately following that bit of unpleasantness I spent the majority of the Easter holiday with a cold, and so decided I'd be better off spending what energy I had on getting better rather than spending it all on making myself feel worse.

So today was the first time doing anything at all in oh about a week and a half.

It was a running day (obviously, hence writing it here) and before my little involuntary break I had got to week two with 90 seconds running and 2 minutes walking. I initially thought it might be best to go back to week one just this first time, but eventually decided I couldn't be bothered to switch the podcasts around on my ipod. I decided I would just see how I got on with the week two one and if I couldn't do the full 90 seconds, then at least I could do as much as possible of them.

Turns out it wasn't even a problem, though. I did fine, although a bit slower than usual, and as a bonus my shins felt better as well. They had been giving me a bit of trouble before, being a bit sore and all. Not sore in the 'oh no shin splints!' way, but more in the sort of 'we're not used to this, what are you doing? Stahp!' way (although I was and am obviously still paying special attention to it. Don't really want it to turn into shin splints).

Still, I'll have to repeat this week a few more times before moving on, though.
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