Mar. 22nd, 2015

Level up!

Mar. 22nd, 2015 03:50 pm
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Went out running today and because I was feeling brave I decided to move on to week 2. What with doing bicycling on Fridays instead of running, I had initially thought that it would probably be too difficult to change up after only three runs on week 1, but it was totally fine. I did several repeats of weeks last time and I'd be surprised if I didn't have to do it again this time, but perhaps not as many as I had feared.

(RE cycling, btw, I know it's off topic for this comm, but just to report that the weekly cycle ride is having a positive effect on the soreness of my bottom. Less and less every time.)

So, week 2. Went quite well. Didn't really feel any more difficult than week 1 to be honest, except for that one day where I never got even remotely warm, so probably I could have got away with not starting all the way at the beginning.

Endomondo tells me I've burned 353 calories today. Doesn't strike me as very much. Possibly because all that walking makes me slower. Unfortunately Endomondo, when choosing the type of sport I've done, doesn't have an option for 'walking and running', but only for walking and running separately. I've put it in as running, because that's the goal, isn't it.
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