Mar. 18th, 2015

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Managed to now pull myself together and go and do my running. Last time, which I forgot to write about, was utterly miserable, because it was cold. It was really upside-down world with me dreading the recovery walk bits because I was freezing. It was a fairly windy day that day and, as most of the route is next to some fields, not a lot of cover, so at no point did I actually ever get warm.

It was cold today as well, so I had a little walk round the garden in the running gear first to see what it was like and decided to wear my fleece top. It's not made for running, but it was the closest thing I had to something suitable. Turned out to be both comfortable and warming. I bought that fleece at a drastically reduced price in a supermarket once on a whim, figuring if it shrunk horribly after the first wash then it wasn't much of a disaster at that price. It hasn't shrunk at all and is nice to wear. I wish I'd known that then, I'd have bought a few more. Anyway, it much improved today's run.

I think, combining running with cycling like this, I'm definitely going to have to do more repeats than last year, though.

I am also having a poke at Endomondo. Any of you people use that? Considering I still haven't found a way to have the phone with me while running (but can easily have it with me while cycling), is it worth it to get an upgraded account? I'm completely ignoring the social aspect of the site and have set as many things as I can to be visible to only me, so if social networking things are the primary perks of upgrading, it wouldn't be worth it to me.

I think I like the site, though. It does pretty much the same things as the tracking features on a magazine's website that I used last year, but feels more intuitive to use. Plus, with that other site, I frequently ran into problems with convincing it to log me in properly. The only thing that site did that I haven't found on Endomondo is tracking my running shoes. The other site had a thing where you entered your shoes on the site and then chose those shoes when logging each run, and the site would then keep track of how many kilometers those shoes had done and how many percent worn they were. Made it easier to see if they were due for replacement soon.
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