Mar. 12th, 2015

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It's still warm here, so I switched to one of my short-sleeved running tops and was definitely more comfortable.  And I kept up a nice fast pace and got my furthest yet in 30 minutes (though I did slow down in the second half).  I'm enjoying this springtime weather anyway :-)

Next run: Sunday afternoon (looking at my schedule, that's less rushed than trying to fit it in on Saturday)
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Tuesday I got to the gym really late, so only had time for a 20 minute run before the gym closed. But I managed to do the whole thing at 8 kph, and I know from experience of going through C25K that once you can do 20 minutes continuous you can usually just keep going. 2.7 km in 20 minutes, therefore.

Which meant I was feeling confident today and went for a full 2 miles (3.2 km) at pace, so that's 2 miles in 24 minutes. Managed that without too much trouble, walked to recover for 4 minutes instead of my usual 5, and then did the last 10 minutes or so at 8 kph again. That made my time slightly faster than I've managed before, 38'43''. I think I'll try to go for 30 minutes at 8 kph next, and then build up to 40 minutes fairly fast if that goes well.

Yay progress.
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