Mar. 11th, 2015

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Hello there, Community. No, I haven't forgotten all about you over winter, but I must admit I haven't been running either. There was ice, you see. And darkness. And ice in darkness. And basically, I'm rather a bit of a coward with these things. But today was the day I started up again. I had told my flist that if I didn't manage to get out either to run or on my bicycle, they could boo me. If I'd thought about it, I would have extended booing permission to this community as well. Let's pretend I did, just so that I can tell you that you have all successfully been cheated out of a good boo.

I've decided to change it up a bit this year and combine running with bicycling. Recent events and super-sore sit bones (ow!) have informed me that I need to get used to using the bicycle again if I don't want to spend my entire summer holiday sitting on an ice pack. So instead of three runs a week, I'd switch one of them for a bicycle ride. It will probably wreak havoc with the whole week concept of the running program, but I can deal with that.

"Now to finish off you need to warm down..."

*sigh* I'd forgotten about that. There's no such thing! Argh!

I ended up using Evil Laura and her NHS podcast again after all, and I started all the way back at square one. I had meant to see if I could find an alternative, but didn't manage to locate one that didn't just involve some other potentially awful music and at least with Evil Laura I know she's not over the top cheery and borderline patronising as one might fear others might be. My options were further limited by the fact that it has to be something I could download on my little ipod shuffle, as a phone app is not suitable for me. The phone is too big and bulky and I'd have to have it in my hand the whole time, which... No.

So week 1, day 1. 8x60 seconds runs.

It wasn't actually difficult. I've definitely lost a LOT over winter, but I'm not sure I lost all of it. The runs were generally easier than I remember them to be last year and I was definitely much faster, because the route was only just long enough, which was something I ran into (hurh-hurh-hurh did you see what I did there?) much later in the program last year.

I think some of it might also be due to a better technique starting out, remembering the various tips and tricks I learned last year and being quicker at finding a good steady pace.

Have stretched, am having some water so now all that remains to be seen is whether or not I can get this sports bra off without having Husband help me... Let's hope I can, because he's away on a course in Copenhagen so I'm home alone until Friday! O.o
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