Feb. 28th, 2015

rmc28: Photo of me shortly before starting my first half-marathon (half-marathon)
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Whee, 6.5km :-)  And exactly the same pace as my 3.2km last week.  I love this feeling of growth and improvement where my body responds to the training by doing better each time.   It may not last, but I'll enjoy it while it does.

I was glad to get some busway in*, but made a poor choice of return route with too much noisy traffic.   Next weekend's run is just 3.2km again and I've another idea for an alternate route-to-busway which I can explore.

Next run: Monday is full of complicated logistics so I will probably run Tuesday lunchtime.

* for non-Cambridge people, a concrete track for buses with a wide tarmac "access road" next to it that is very popular with non-motor traffic, and I enjoy running along when I do longer runs.  Today there were horses on it!
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