Jan. 19th, 2015

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Well, it could have been worse.   (I could have been trying to run another 25 minutes continuously).

I did this yesterday lunchtime, after climbing a lot of stairs both Saturday and Sunday shortly beforehand, and my right calf basically whinged from the beginning.  This run was 3.2km, in 400m segments alternating running and walking.  Actually by the time I got to run 3 and 4 I was feeling more cheerful and loosened up, but I was certainly really glad that I was just running short intervals, and generally I was a bit tired and fed up.  The parts where I was running were mostly a little faster than my long runs, and the parts where I was walking were on a par with my normal commute-walking, so I wasn't performing as badly as it felt.

This morning it turns out that I have caught the virus my toddler has been ill with since Saturday morning, which might have had something to do with finding everything difficult yesterday.   But also means I likely won't be running tomorrow as planned.
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My lungs felt somewhat better today but I didn't want to push myself too much, so I did 7½ minute intervals at 8 kph, with 5 minute walking breaks. I felt I wasn't properly recovering during the breaks, but anyway, I'll keep on being gentle with myself until I recover my fitness, I suppose.
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