Jan. 16th, 2015

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Another 25 minute continuous run.  I completed it, and I mostly hated it, and I got through it by promising myself I would move on to the training programme that lets me take walking breaks.   So I'm stopping c25k here, and moving over to week 3 of "Run/Walk Beginner Half", a training plan available in RunKeeper if you have Elite (which I have paid for already).    Run 3 of that week is 3.2 km which is around what I've been managing in the last few 25-minute runs.

I plan to post my half-marathon training here as I did before (Nov '13 to Mar '14), so long as it isn't demotivating for anyone.  Please do let me know, either by commenting or in a message, if you'd prefer I didn't.

I am feeling weirdly defensive about "giving up" c25k.  My original plan was to finish it, and prove I could run continuously for 30 minutes, and then let myself use walking breaks for longer runs, building back up to a half-marathon.  I have proved that I can run continuously for 25 minutes but that at best I dislike it.   I just don't think I can keep up running 3x a week if I mostly dislike the actual running.

Baseline notes: at this point the furthest I have run since restarting c25k is 3.3km.  The fastest I have run is 7:43 min/km.

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