Jan. 6th, 2015

rmc28: Photo of me shortly before starting my first half-marathon (half-marathon)
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The weather was not enticing today, steady rain through which I plodded away, feeling grateful for fast-wicking fabric on my running clothes, and the hot shower waiting for me back at my office.   I did warm up eventually and my running playlist did its job of keeping me keen.

Today was 5 minutes / 8 minutes / 5 minutes running, with 3 minutes walking in between time.  With warm up and cool down this would be 34 minutes, so I skipped a couple of minutes each of the warm up and cool down so as not to avoid being out over 30 minutes.

I am amused that 5 minutes which was a "long" run a few weeks ago is now a "short" run. 

My next run is my last one with breaks on c25k (!)  I should do it on Thursday, and 25 minutes of continuous running on Saturday.
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