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As previously mentioned, I abhor week 2, so having dutifully suffered through it three times, today I moved swiftly on to week three, which has turned out to be a whole lot easier and in which Evil Laura doesn't irritate me. Positively breezed through it. It's all good. Don't even feel totally shattered now, afterwards.

Further adding to the good experience is that we have a small forest-y area near where we live. On my normal loop I walk along the road next to it, but today on a whim I decided to add that little bit to my loop, because I thought I might need a little longer route this week (which as it turns out, I didn't, but that's not really relevant). It's very small, this area. Little more than a clump of trees, really. You walk in one end, follow the longest path through and come out the other end and that takes maybe 10-15 minutes walking at a normal pace. Shortest path is only a few minutes shorter, and they more or less meet up at either end.

I came to the entry point just at the end of my warm up walk and quickly discovered that it was just so much nicer to run in there than next to the road. As I neared the other end, I had the brilliant idea of just following the shorter path nearly back to the entry point so I could stay in there a bit longer.

This led me to literally run around in circles in there for the 25 minutes the program lasted, only coming out when walking home for my cool down walk, and it was awesome! And Introvert-Me didn't see a single soul in there at all, which was even better. So long as it doesn't rain, I shall be doing that again, I think!
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