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Yes, this is me restarting the training programme entirely!

I was really quite ill in June with a nasty throat infection, and have taken a while to get over that, and then had an unexpected spate of migraines.  So it's been over a month since I ran at all, and I am feeling much less fit and a bit scared to "overdo" exercise (it can be a migraine trigger for me). 

The thing about this training programme is that I know I can do the early stages very easily, so I don't worry about overdoing things, and it builds up time and distance sensibly.

This session was a short and sweet confidence boost: 10 minutes total, with only 4 of them actually running.  I managed all four running intervals without feeling worse than a bit out of breath, and I even managed to work up a sweat in the cool of 10pm.  Overall pace 8:26 which is better than I had expected.

I hope to run again on Friday and Sunday this week.

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