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My weekly routine has changed a bit while I wasn't running, so my previous Mon-Thur-Sat schedule doesn't work so well.  This week I ran Tuesday evening, Friday lunchtime, and Sunday afternoon, and I suspect Wed + Fri lunchtimes are going to be the way to go, until it gets too warm for me to run at lunchtime, when I will have to switch to evenings.  At least the evenings are long and light when lunchtimes are too hot.

Runs 28 & 29 were both time-based runs of 30 minutes, alternating minutes of running and walking.  My pace is still well down from before the break, but improved noticeably between these two.  Run 30 was a distance-based run of 3.2km, alternating 400m of running and walking.

Next week the time-based runs change to 2 min running for every 1 of walking - this will be a bit of a jump now after only a week back on the training plan, but would probably be fine if I'd been training continuously for the last 10 weeks.  The distance run is 10.5km and I intend to go and explore further along that bridleway I found last week.
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