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I cunningly arranged Saturday so I got my run out of the way first before I could get tired out doing errands  (I didn't get them all done, but what's left can be done today).

It was greyer and colder than Thursday, but the run was good.  I'm feeling happy with 90s runs.  And woot! 3 runs in a week and not feeling too wiped out to contemplate the next one.

Next run: Monday, with 2x 90s runs and 2x 3min runs.  I'm feeling slightly apprehensive about those 3 minute runs but there's only 2 of them and it's a short workout overall.
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I got out for my lunchtime run as planned!  Another nice sunny (cold) day.  I managed to forget the stretchy tube I use to keep my hair out of my eyes but luckily it was not too windy today so I got away with it.

I made one change which is to start my tracking program about 10 seconds before the end of the warm up walk, and to stop it as soon as I can dig my phone out after the start of the cool down walk.  This gives me an instant boost to my pace. Yay.

More importantly, it means it'll be easier for me to transition to post-c25k running plans where I'll basically walk long enough to get a good GPS signal and feel ready to run, and I'll stop to cool down at the end of my street.  I know from experience this suits me more in the long run (heh!) than the strict 5 minutes at each end of my c25k app workouts.   I'd rather get the pace bump out the way now, so I can compare data between runs more usefully for the rest of the c25k programme.

Today I "only" ran for 19 minutes, alternating 90s running and 2min walking, and I continued to enjoy it.  Next run: Saturday (and no letting walking errands disrupt it this time).
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I missed my weekend run: I did a walking errand on Saturday that took about twice as long as expected, and wiped me out for the rest of the day, and I felt rotten on Sunday so gave myself the weekend off.

Today I was feeling more like me again and went out for my run in a bright but chilly lunchtime.  I managed today's 90s runs without much difficulty (which is good, I am aiming for "keep it fairly easy" as my workout level at the moment) and covered a bit more distance, as expected given 1 minute more running and 30s more workout overall.

I considered trying to "catch up" my missed run by going M,W,F,Su,Tu,Th, but right now I think it's more important to establish the habit at all, and not find it too strenuous.  So next run: Thursday.

Week 2

Nov. 13th, 2014 08:39 pm
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I'd forgotten how well calibrated the progress curve is in C25K. Week 2 was lots harder than week 1, but just barely within my capabilities. I'm not confident I will be able to manage the 3 minute intervals in Week 3, but I can only give it a go! Nominal distance 2.7 km, reflecting 9 minutes of running instead of 8.
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The good news is, after not running for nearly a month, the week 2 program is still more or less right for me - so I haven't *lost* fitness? I guess my longer walk to work will be helping with that.

Today's run was sufficient fun that instead of turning back halfway, I kept going along the lake, through the ILO gardens (because you can do that in Geneva...) and did a short loop through the Jardin Botanique, then walked back taking photos all the way. My inability to decide on the relative priority of running vs taking my good camera out places probably means it's time I got a good small hiking pack to carry the camera in.

Here, have photographic evidence:

image below )
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It's taken me a bit longer to complete week 2 of Zombies: 5k training.

The training is still (to me) very light: walking, 5x running drills, "free form run".  This week the running section of the running drills goes from 15s to 30s, and heel lifts are added after each running section.  Heel lifts are: standing still, raising up onto toes and lowering back down.

Now, the first thing that occurred to me is that these are useless if you are on a treadmill, and the second thing is that they aren't great if you're running outdoors on a path that other people use (i.e. my lunchtime run) because people running/cycling behind you aren't going to expect you to suddenly stop and do exercises.  And the third thing that occurred to me is that my balance is a bit dodgy and I don't really like doing these heel lifts.

I started running for some of the 10 minute free-form time.  It's very unusual for me not to be running on a schedule, and probably good for me to be focusing on how I feel, how my body is coping with this running, is it perhaps time to slow down or stop now.

Anyway in the freeform part of session 2, my left calf suddenly hurt sharply, in a way it never has before, so I stopped running and walked the rest of the way.  I rested for a few days, and after it seemed to be better I did a long training run, in which it started aching again some way in, but not badly. 

So I took a week off running, rested, stretched, massaged the dodgy calf, and did some more running again this week.  This time, when I did session 3, I skipped the heel lifts.  I don't have proof that they are what (over)stretched my poor calf, but the fact remains that I've done C25k and lots of running without ever hurting my muscles like that, and suddenly after doing heel lifts which work the calf, it goes ping.

I did another long training run yesterday, and again the calf was fine until a few km in, then it ached sharply at first, and then settled down to a dull ache so I felt able to continue to the end of my run.  But basically I'm eyeing those stretches very dubiously.  They may work for many people but they clearly don't work for me.  I don't think I'll be doing the mid-run stretches that get introduced in the rest of the training (knee lifts next week).

Next week seems to have a sudden jump to a 5 minute run in the warm up, which seems a bit of a challenge after just doing little 30s running drills. I'm not sure I'm convinced about the get-beginners-running aspect of this app, though I'm still enough of a sucker for the tell-me-more-story bits to work my way through.

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I completed week 2, doing runs 2 and 3 at lunch time in the part next to work. Run three was somewhat impeded because I forgot the skirt I usually wear over my yoga pants to run, so ended up running wearing an ankle length corduroy skirt. There's a reason professional athletes don't do that.

The snow is causing a bit of a problem for week 3. If it hadn't snowed I would do run one tomorrow, but I don't think that would be a good idea. Instead my plan is to do the first run on Monday at lunch time at work, as central London tends to be a few degrees warmer than the suburbs, so I'm hopeful that it will be non-icey enough to run in the park.
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I did the first run of week two this morning with the NHS podcast.

It was (unsurprisingly) harder than last week's runs, but I got through it. I think part of my issue is that I'm not very good at pacing myself. I could get away with just bursting off during the 60 second runs, but I have to actually pace myself for 90 second runs. All the same, I managed to finish the run. I thought I must have been slower than in my last run, but when I got home I worked out that I'd covered about 4.1km including the warm up and warm down, which is the same as run three of week 1.

I had to cross a couple of busy-ish roads for this run, which I found a bit arkward, particularly if it coincided with a running part of the podcast. This makes me think that I'd prefer routes that avoided roads, but I'll have to try different routes out and see.
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Thursday I had another go at Week 2, Day 2. Shin pain was quite bad again right from the start so I ended up walking. Heart rate afterward was 93bpm, not as high as when I run or row, and not as high as Tuesday's walking. The route I took was different, and very wet, so that I had to pick my way quite slowly across some bits to avoid getting soaked. I think that's probably the reason for the lower heart rate.

I walked an additional four miles on Thursday in the course of getting where I needed to be and when, and my shins have been hurting since. If they're still like this on Tuesday, running is going to be right out of the question.

I find the beeping of my phone to tell me to start the next interval does mean I walk faster than I would if I were just ambling around, and so I think I will keep using SimpleC25k even if I eventually decide that running is entirely out. If I do that I will probably also start using something like RunKeeper to log my distance. If average walking speed for adult humans is 5km/h I don't see why I couldn't aim to do 5k in thirty minutes, eventually. I do have long legs, and race walkers do much faster speeds than that, albeit with a rather strange gait.

I've been having other leg problems, and they seem to get worse when my shins are particularly sore. I think this is a hypermobility-related thing. I now have a testable hypothesis as to what is going on. Sadly testing will take some time as it involves various physio exercises which will likely take a few weeks to make any difference.
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I completed week 1 on Thursday, but I've only now had time to post about it.

I went to work in my running gear. I got in at about ten past eight, dumped my bags and then went out to do my run in the park next to the building I work in.

It was really nice. I heard a theory somewhere that the colour of light soon after sunrise helps people wake up and it felt lovely being out in the morning sunshine. I also liked seeing all of the ducks and other creatures in the park and the other runners. According to Google maps I covered 4.1km including my warm up and warm down. Each run is definitely feeling easier. After the warm down walk I did some muscle stretches and I haven't had any aching after this run apart from a little ache in the arch of my right foot when I'm not wearing shoes. It doesn't feel worrying and hopefully it will go away as my feet get more used to running. I had a shower and got changed in the changing rooms in my work building. I was pleased to find that the showers at work were nice, hot and not too busy, so running at work is definitely an option.

I rewarded myself for completing week 1 by buying myself another sports bra so that I don't have to be so careful about timing laundry and runs. I think if I complete week two I'll buy a work backpack so I can try running to or from work. I've been excitedly poring over maps planning potential routes. I'll have to try them out to see which ones are doable and which involve crossing too many roads. How have you found crossing roads during your runs?

Tomorrow morning I'm planning to do the first run of week 2. I think I'll run in my local park.
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This morning despite a good walking warm-up I was into serious shin pain about three seconds into the first running interval. I wasn't able to shift it with stretching or longer walking intervals: whatever I did, as soon as I started running again, it hurt.

So I walked fast/slow for the intervals, and thought about how I want to handle this.

I'd not had a great time of joint stuff over the weekend, which probably wasn't helping me. Yesterday was an extremely long day (up at 5am, bed well after midnight), which also didn't help.

I've already said I will keep trying to run for the rest of January, and I think I want to stick with that: my body is inconsistent enough, and sensitive enough to things like sleep levels, that I am not certain this morning's pain means I simply shouldn't run. However, I reserve the right to walk instead at any point if the shin pain (or joint pain, but so far shin pain seems to be the thing that really limits me) is like it was today -- I am not in this to hurt myself! Rather I would like to find out, gently, whether I can run, or how running might be sustainable for me. This morning was not a failure, just a data point.

I did enjoy the walk, and even if subsequent runs are all "unsuccessful" in terms of actually running, I think that establishing a habit of walking outside twice a week could do me good. Much of my day-to-day walking happens when I am carrying something (which will distort my posture) or in a slight hurry, and it's pleasant to be able to move around without encumbrance and to walk for the sake of it rather than on the way to somewhere. I'm uncertain whether posts about my walks would be within the scope of this community if I were to switch to walking as a long-term strategy, but for now I will consider them running attempts (as they are).
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I decided to take part in Janathon and have been updating [personal profile] artsyhonker with details as it's a bit more public and I'm more comfortable linking to there from my public twitter account.

But basically, I decided a) I may as well pick up where I left off rather than starting over and b) I may as well run twice a week and do the programme at the pace suggested until I have problems.

First run, on 1st January, was fine, easier than the ones I did later in November in fact. Second one on 3rd January was not so good: shin pain again. Bother.

I'm thinking I will try to keep going for January, doing what I can -- that is, not starting any running interval with shin pain, and lengthening the walking intervals to include stretches if necessary to achieve this -- but if at the end of January I'm still being limited by shin pain, then I need to try something other than running and accept that at this weight running is too high-impact for my body.

I already know that cycling doesn't generally cause me problems, but on a "real" bicycle I tend to only work hard if I'm in a real hurry to get somewhere, so it's probably exercise bikes at the gym if I want to push myself. I've also been told by several physios to do rowing but I am already using the rowing machine at the gym on non-running weekdays (for ten minutes at a time -- not a huge amount or a huge challenge, but enough to feel like I'm doing something and to establish the habit of going to the gym), and would prefer to have something else so it doesn't get too monotonous.
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I am so glad this community exists. The only thing that got me out of the house this lunchtime was knowing that I'd rather post here saying I completed week 2 successfully than have to admit I didn't make it. Yay accountability. And especial thanks to [personal profile] rmc28 who updated this morning and gave me that extra motivation boost cos I want to keep up with my virtual buddy.

So it's grey and damp and miserable and I have five hundred things to do and my uterus hates me. It turns out that I actually dislike the prospect of going to the gym more than I dread the prospect of running in the rain, though. I ran in circles around the cemetery, which has the advantage of having quite a few tarmac paths to run on when it's wet and muddy. And it did in fact start raining while I was out there, but I was enough focused on the running that it wasn't really a hardship to keep going.

Average time was slightly slower than Tuesday, but the difference is small enough it's probably just measurement noise. And as far as I can judge from Runkeeper my fastest speed during the run was faster.

Most importantly, I've completed week 2 successfully, and I'm feeling ready for Week 3. Though it is a big jump from 90 second runs to 3 minute runs...
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 Success! (And success posting the same day too.)

Still clocking up about 2 miles. I set off too fast again on the first two runs & had to ease down to get rid of the resulting stitch  - though I did push the last run a bit harder again just to not feel quite so stopped-down. I can see I'm going to have to work on patience as the runs get longer, at least until I get better at understanding my own stamina.

I notice that next week the exercise total time goes down while total time run stays the same, so I'm working out how to adjust my routes accordingly.

Edited to add: I forgot to note that thanks are due to [livejournal.com profile] fanf who not only reminded me on getting up that I was going running, but gently removed obstacles from my doing so until I went.   Love is ... saving me from forgetfulness and procrastination.
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Done yesterday, on the way home from work.  I took a slightly different route which gave me more chances of crossing the big busy road that cuts across all my possible commutes home, as last week I had to basically stand and wait to cross.  I'll do that route again in future, it has a handy loop which I can go round more times if/when I get faster, but yesterday delivered me to my door 10 seconds after the end of the cool down.

No stitches this time, I paid more attention to running slowly enough that I was ok, and even when it started to rain towards the end of the run I was still ok and content/enjoying the endorphins (also I had a Bond songs mix to run to which I was loving).  Even so, I'm still basically hovering around the 2 mile mark with no appreciable further distance even though I'm exercising for 30s longer and running for 60s longer.

My general fitness seems to be improving: walking my commute has been a bit faster this week than last - from 17:40 min/mile down to 16:58 min/mile.  I once could powerwalk at 14:30 min/mile but only while getting nicely sweaty, but I'd like to see whether I could reach 16 min/mile without getting too hot (at least winter helps for that).
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Another lunchtime run. The sun is shining, but it's one of those cold, clear autumn days and I thought it might be too cold for me. But actually I was fine. I headed to the bigger park the other side of the hospital so that I didn't have to run around in circles as much as in the cemetery.

Anyway, long story short: I managed an average pace faster than 6 kph, including the walking warmup. It's a bit of a pathetic milestone, but at least my 9 minutes of running plus 16-18 minutes of walking is now faster than just walking briskly the whole way!

I think yesterday's workout giving me the confidence I actually can do week 2 let me push myself a bit harder. I think most of the improvement was in walking faster during the recovery sections, not running faster, but it's still exercise! It may also have helped that it was dry-ish overnight so I was running on soft, but not waterlogged, grass, which I couldn't do yesterday.

I discovered it takes 6 minutes to walk from my front door, through the hospital, to the park, so my warmup was actually 6 minutes rather than 5. I don't want to start running in the hospital, there's too much traffic and awkward junctions, but a six-minute power-walk trip to the park works quite well. The downside of this location is that by the end of the run I'm at the bottom of a big hill and have to walk home. (I turned off Runkeeper for that part!)
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I didn't manage to run at the weekend, because I was travelling and really couldn't face bringing a change of clothes for running; with trainers it would have meant carrying an extra bag beyond my compact overnight rucksack. So I'm really hoping I can manage three runs in four days so that I can count this week as a "win"; it's going to take being both organized and disciplined!

Today was right on the edge of possible to run. I absolutely do not have time to go the gym, between work and shul commitments. And it was 13 degrees and drizzly out at lunchtime, almost too cold and almost too wet to run. But knowing that if I'm going to have a chance of three runs in week 2, I really needed to drag myself out, I did manage it.

I ran along the paths in the cemetery, the grass being too muddy and waterlogged. I'm still scared of running on tarmac and hard surfaces, but I don't think I did any short term damage at least. And wore tights and a long-sleeved shirt instead of my usual socks and t-shirt, which was warm enough to make running (and especially breathing) non-painful, without being uncomfortably hot and sweaty.

I managed the new Week 2 workout, which is six lots of 90 seconds of running. Slow running, in my case. Runkeeper on my smartphone in my breast pocket said that my pace was fractionally faster than Week 1, but the difference was small enough that I suspect it's beyond the precision of the measurement and I would have expected a bigger improvement, considering that I spent a whole extra minute running compared to week 1.

Week2 Day 1

Oct. 7th, 2012 02:52 pm
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Success (yesterday morning)!  6 runs of 90 seconds spaced by 2 minutes walking, with a 5 minute warm up and cool down.

I ran the same route as Thursday, but didn't cover much more distance by the end of the cool down (RunKeeper thought I'd done an extra 0.02 of a mile, but RunKeeper isn't that accurate).  During the third run I developed a stitch which eased when I walked; I ran much more slowly for the remainder, which at least meant I finished even if it was no faster than walking.

I was a bit disconcerted by GetRunning which was very keen for me to take a 3-day break, but I already did that from Monday to Thursday.  However, it let me override it, so that's ok.


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