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Hello! I'm a new member but I have been working on getting more fit over the past year. I've been walking and starting to learn (to enjoy) running. I have a Fitbit Flex that I love, have been scouring the Skinny Ms. site for fun recipes and workouts, and have just begun the C25K training. It's an easy app to download and I am using it tandem with RunKeeper.

I started Week 1, Day 1 today. Even going out early, it was brutal from the humidity. The puddles on the ground were the only indicators of the thunderstorm we had last night. I'm going to have to push the time I run back further to when the sun is just an idea on the lip of the horizon until this heat wave breaks.

In all honesty, the enthusiasm I had last night to start this training quickly waned this morning when the first bell rang to start the running segment. There was a lot of self-talk occurring to get me through the longest minute of my life, but my enthusiasm began to perk up after the 4th interval and hearing that I was 1/2 way completed. I continued through the training, adding humourous comments to the announcer's "begin running" instruction, and indulging in a moment of black humour when I was in the middle of my 8th running interval and saw a deputy sheriff approaching. I figured that if worst-came-to-worst, I could collapse early enough so that the deputy would stop and give me a lift home. The chuckle was enough to keep me going, and I felt exhausted and exhilarated when I completed my first training session.
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I ran a third time in a week!  Go me, etc.

It was cold and windy, but not unbearably so, and even overcast daylight is daylight (extra-precious at this time of year where I live).    My pace was not as fast as day 2, but still faster than day 1, so overall the week saw improvement.   I will be happy with that.

Next run: Saturday, moving up to week 2. 

Slightly more running, slightly less walking  (8x 1min with 90s intervals vs 6x 90s with 2min intervals).  In theory I'd expect my overall pace to be faster, but I guess it depends on how well I adapt to the slightly-longer runs.

GetRunning predicts I could finish week 9 (30min continuous running) on 8th Jan.  I will be delighted and surprised if I achieve that.
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I ran again!

It wasn't strictly lunchtime, because I had to go and get some blood tests done at the surgery mid-afternoon.  I felt a bit self-conscious going off for over an hour for that on top of taking a full lunchbreak, so instead I ate quickly at my desk, and did my run on the way to the surgery. 

The weather today is warm for November, but cool enough that I just ran in my tshirt and jeans and trainers, without bothering to change into Proper Running Gear.  I bet on the weather / clothing / exercise combination not making me very sweaty, and I was right.   I probably won't get away with that after week 1 though.

I had a nice sit-down in the surgery waiting for my appointment and then I walked more sedately along a shorter route back to the office.

Apparently my pace today was faster than Saturday.  This is pleasing :-)

Next run: Thursday lunchtime
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My son's enthusiasm did not last, or at least, every time since then I've offered to take him running, he's refused.

I've admitted to myself that any pretence of a regular running habit has pretty much disappeared from my life recently, and realised this is partly because I'm nervous about overextending myself and triggering a migraine.  This is particularly unhelpful because regular running is good for managing my other major trigger (stress) as well as general fitness.  Rebuilding the habit is one of the most helpful things I can do for myself right now, and I need to get past being scared.

I know I can do c25k week 1 workouts without overextending, and that when I did this the first time, I found the progression between weeks worked just fine.  So I'm just going for a straight go at c25k, repeating weeks if necessary, but fundamentally getting back in the habit of running 3 times a week - two work lunchtimes and once at the weekend.

Today's run was as straightforward as I'd hoped, and I tested out whether I could use Get Running alongside Zombies Run, and they seemed to play nicely together.   Next run: Monday.

(I'm going to try, as much as possible, to stick to the same days each week while rebuilding this habit: Monday + Thursday lunchtime, Saturday late-morning when my spouse is up and able to watch the children.)


Oct. 30th, 2014 08:36 pm
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Having hit my intermediate goal pace of 5 km in 40 minutes, I now want to aim for a new goal of 5 km in 30 minutes, which is 10 kph. So I decided the best way to improve my speed is to restart C25K, and since I'm mostly running on the treadmill these days I can use it to guide me so that my running intervals are actually at 10 kph. I'm not going to follow the programme exactly, I think I'm just going to alternate C25K workouts with 5K runs at a pace I know I can do or a fraction faster. And move on to the next "week" whenever I can manage the current week comfortably.

So today I tentatively tried week 1. I wasn't sure I was going to be able to do 8 x 1 minute at 10 kph, that's faster than I ever run even when I care about going fast rather than being sustainable. Actually it was ok, with the treadmill to keep me at a steady pace of exactly 10 kph I can do 1 minute intervals. And unlike when I started from scratch, I'm fit enough that I can just about recover in 90 seconds of walking. Not completely regularizing my heartrate, but enough to attempt the next interval. Total distance nominally 2.5 km.

I didn't listen to any podcast, neither the NHS one nor the Zombies 5K app, because with the intervals this short and this intense, I needed to concentrate on watching the clock and changing the treadmill settings. I may start using podcasts once the intervals get long enough to be boring.
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My 8-year-old son has expressed interest in running with me, and so I sat down with him yesterday afternoon and went through the app that I used the first time I did c25k.  He continued to be enthused, so we got changed and went out for a run.  In the dark (which is apparently part of the appeal), but up and down our local residential streets, which are fairly well lit.

The pattern for this week is: 5 minutes walking, 8 sets of (1 min run, 1.5 min walk), 5 minutes walking.  Annoyingly the app crashed during the first run, but it is possible to skip through to the right point of the workout on restart, so we were able to continue through, though we probably both ran too much and walked too much for the first set.

I enjoyed it, as I've missed a lot of running recently due to a migraine flare up, but it was sufficiently low-key effort for me that I felt safe not triggering another headache.  I think C enjoyed it, and he was very game for all the running bits, but noticeably tired by the end of the workout.

If C's enthusiasm lasts, we'll go out again on Wednesday and Friday, and I'll try to get out for a slow 5k by myself at the weekend.

It's a very different experience than running by myself with music.  I had the phone on speaker but no music, so we just heard the voice telling us when to start and stop running, rather than sharing my (fabulous) music taste with the entire neighbourhood.  I needed to pay attention to how C was doing, and explain our route, and we had a bit of general-conversation in between running-conversation.  I very much hope he continues, but obviously I'm not going to force him to if he changes his mind.
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Sigh. Today's effort did result in a complete, non-sabotaged week 1 workout, though. If I made a list of things which have, or which I have *allowed* to derail my adherence to the workout, excluding 'failed to go running at all', it would include:

- deciding to run to work to exchange headphones. Turns out that stopping mid-workout is not a good incentive to resume and complete the workout properly, especially when work is in a part of town with lots of traffic lights one has to wait for. Still, having headphones that don't fall out when running is useful - if only I had remembered to fix that *when not in the middle of running*.
- gas. Why I am prone to burping while jogging (and not during the walking cycles) I do not know, but it is not helpful.
- roadworks. These were loud enough to drown out the 'walk now, run now' prompts, got me all muddled, and I ended up walking for half the workout.
- Inexplicable mental meltdown. Pretty sure exercise is meant to promote happiness, not lead to one bursting into tears ten minutes in for no known reason. (This came in the middle of a bad week, but why the meltdown when running instead of, i dunno, over breakfast, I do not know.)

On the bright side, the leg pain has ceased, my lung capacity/breathing stamina has notably improved, and I haven't fallen over anything or anyone for two whole weeks. Progress!
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Congratulate me on my miniscule achievement, O Internet: this afternoon I managed the week 1 C25K circuit without skipping any of the jogging cycles. This was day 3 - on day 1 I managed only 5 of 8 jogging cycles, not consecutively; on day 2, 7 of 8. I figure from here I do at least two more week 1 circuits, focusing on bringing the walk cycles up from 'bedraggled lurch' to 'brisk walk'.

Also this time I didn't fall over and take the skin off my hands and knees. Win! I'm still bearing the scrapes from Tuesday's mishaps.

On the other hand, on the list of reasons running is not actually a free hobby, I really need exercise bras. Never needed exercise bras before in my life (not exactly crucial for cycling). And some shorts. And a belt, because my workout-friendly cargo pants keep falling down. And headphones that won't bounce out of my ears when running.

Did anyone else find that when they started running, many helpful people wanted to chime in and tell you either what other exercise to do instead, or ways to make exercise your ENTIRE LIFE NOW? I've had friends and family assure me walking is just as good (not for the specific fitness type I lack, vis, ability to cope with short bursts of increased intensity), swimming would be better for my ankles (probably, but I'm self-conscious about my terrible swimming), rock climbing is great (true! but expensive!), I should do pushups in the morning (sure, and I should meditate, too, but one thing at a time), and I should join an exercise club (???). I wasn't expecting an onslaught of helpful-slightly-judgemental commentary, is that a common thing?
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Last week I did the three runs that make up week 1 of Zombies 5k Training.

They seemed much more gentle than the C25k app I used last time: 10 minutes to warm up, then 10 lots of walk 1 min, run 15s, then 10 minutes "free form run" i.e. walk or run as you prefer. As it was my first week trying to do three easy runs plus a longer one at the weekend, I preferred just to walk.

I enjoyed the little bits of extra "around Abel township" content, got to know a few people a bit better.

I was amusingly incompetent with settings and failed to get any meaningful pace data out of the first week. Tip for other users: make sure you tick either GPS or accelerometer, it's possible to do the sessions without either.

My main worry looking ahead is that the lovely gentle start must mean ramping up faster later; also from the workout descriptions, the sessions get longer in later weeks, which will be a squeeze to fit into my normal lunch hour.
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Well I got myself started today. It was a bit of a spur of the moment thing but I think that was the best way to start it rather than trying to choose a date and constantly...not doing it. In the past year my health has been terrible and I had to leave university and stuff. I have chronic fatigue issues and my diabetes is very temperamental when I try and exercise so 6 months ago this was out of my wildest dreams.

So yeah completing even day one of week one is a huge thing for me. I was very impressed at the fact that I survived. I wasn't sure I would manage to run all the stints but I got myself into somewhat of a rhythm with my music. It taught me I'm perhaps not as unfit as I thought I was but I need to work on breathing. Does anyone have tips on that? I'm not very fast yet but I think I would explode if I tried to keep an eye on distance and such things at this point. Overall, very proud of myself and kind of looking forward to my next run. I think aliens may have taken over my body. :P

Week 1

Jan. 8th, 2013 10:25 pm
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I completed my second run of week one this evening. I've been using the NHS podcasts on my ipod. Both runs were quite fun and I managed them, but yesterday I was so stiff from the run that my manager at work noticed that I was limping. Luckily this is all muscles not being used to exercise pain rather than doing myself a mischief pain. Today's run already felt a bit easier than my first run and I stretched after this run, so hopefully I'll be less stiff tomorrow.

So far I've run near my flat and luckily there is a sort of round cul-de-sac thing near where I live so I can run round and round it without having to cross any roads. I think today I covered about 3.7 km including the warm up and warm down. I'm going to try running at different times and in different places to see what I like, so on Thursday I'm going to take my running clothes into work and run in the park nearby either at lunchtime or before work.

I'm finding it fun.
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I'm late with things this week; I'd hoped to be running on Mondays or Tuesdays, generally. Monday I wasn't feeling well, Tuesday I was stuck inside waiting for a parcel, yesterday was far too busy.

I was tired today, and I noticed that while the 60-second running intervals were still relatively easy in cardiovascular terms, I felt more out of breath than usual and took a bit longer for my breathing to return to normal in between.

As with last week, I extended the walking intervals (by pausing the app on my phone) so that I did not start any running interval with shin pain beyond a certain level. On an entirely subjective scale I think the shin pain was less than it has been since the first run, so I'm very pleased with this strategy. I started stretching between running intervals much earlier in this session, before my shins actually started to hurt (but when I could feel the muscles I stretch were starting to seize up a bit), and that seems to have helped.

I need to decide whether to keep doing Week 1 Day 3 until I can do it "as directed" with only 90 second walking/stretching intervals, or move on to Week 2 and keep pausing the walking intervals as needed. None of the running intervals today felt as if I couldn't have continued for another thirty seconds, either because of CV limits or shin pain limits, so I am leaning toward starting Week 2, but perhaps it is best to see how I feel in the next few days (last week I had sore shins walking for a couple of days after my run despite the new strategy, and I could do without having that as a regular feature of my life).
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I was dithering about going out this morning, again partly because of being quite tired after a weekend with too much travel in it, and partly because of quite legitimate concerns regarding joint pain and so on.

I'm still on sixty seconds of running to ninety seconds of walking, and feeling slightly irritated with the apparent lack of progress. The running is still not desperately challenging in cardio-vascular terms, but my shins are still complaining. I don't like that I'm not much in control of the progress of this, can't make it better by just showing up and giving it my best shot, and don't even really know when I can expect some improvement. I want to deal with this the way I deal with learning difficult music, but I don't have enough information to put it into context. I should remember this feeling when my own music students get frustrated!

This morning I decided that I would do all the running intervals, on the grass, but walk longer or do (shin-splint oriented) stretches in between if necessary: I wouldn't start a running interval with shin pain bad enough to slow down my walking beyond the speed I would normally walk if pain-free. Obviously this is all a bit estimated, I'm not out there measuring exactly how far I walk in the ninety seconds, but seeing what feels "about right". After the first two running intervals I recovered quickly enough to manage starting on time. After the third, fourth, fifth and sixth runs I needed longer breaks, but seemed better again between 7th and 8th, though the walk home was not wonderful (back onto pavement for that).

I'm pleased with this method. It takes longer, and I will have to leave more time for runs than I would if I were following the programme more strictly, but I feel better about completing the running portions, even if I needed longer breaks, than I did about not finishing last week. I also hope that it might allow me to gradually lengthen my running time. Some of the stretches provided much more immediate pain relief than during the week, which is both encouraging and useful; and another advantage of stretching, as well as walking, between intervals is that it makes me pay attention to the stretch. My lower legs (not just shins) have been a bit complainy the rest of the day, getting worse as the day has gone on, but I did do a lot of pedalwork when practising organ this evening too, so I can't only blame running for that.

Other things:
-I found myself un-earwormed, which is very unusual for me. But I also found myself counting in my head during the running intervals, trying to pace my counting to exactly 60bpm so that I'd get to sixty just as my phone beeped. I was within one second on five of the eight intervals. This has nothing to do with running really, but amuses me as a musician. Maybe next time I will try 72bpm, or something like 40 which I think will be hard.
-Lots of mushrooms again: fairy ring champignons, boletes of some kind, charcoal burner russulas. I didn't get back to the park during daylight to collect any, though. And I love the fallen and falling leaves.
-I wore the hiker/trainer hybrid shoes, and had dry socks for the duration, hurrah!
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I did cut the insoles in my trainers and that does seem to have made them fit better. I waited until I got to the grass to start running, and tried to concentrate on posture.

I still got shin pain; not so bad at first, the first two intervals felt very easy and I wanted to run longer... but after that, gradually getting worse, and continuing into the cool-down periods. I didn't jog/run the last two intervals, because not only were my shins hurting but I could feel my feet twisting in response.

Good things:
- I showed up. I was quite sore yesterday, and also had a sedentary day, and it would have been really easy to tell myself that I wasn't up to running today without bothering to try it and see.
- Knowing what it feels like to not complete a session is useful, I think. It feels like it was still worth trying, today, even though I am disappointed that I didn't finish. That means that next time I am feeling like I might not manage the whole thing anyway, I'm more likely to turn up and do what I can than blow it off.
- The actual cardiovascular effect of this is still easy to deal with, and that makes me feel good. I'd got into the habit of thinking of myself as terribly unfit, but clearly this is not the whole story.
- It's mushroom season, and during the walking periods I spotted a few tasty things, which I might go back and pick later if I have time. Being outside without commuting and carrying lots of stuff around is good.

Given the way my body seems to behave with inflammation (once I have an injury it gets re-inflamed very easily -- I don't know whether this is related to the EDS, or whether it's a fairly normal thing) I'm wondering whether it's worth taking pre-emptive NSAIDs when I am planning to run. I do this sometimes on days when I know I'll be putting my joints through a lot, and it does seem to help. It feels different to medicate so I can do my work than to medicate so I can go running/jogging, which perhaps says something about how I feel about exercise as self-care! I suppose in this as in other things the trick is to try it.

Next week I will wear the other shoes again, the hiking-trainer hybrid things. They are much more waterproof than the trainers. *wrings out socks*

If I don't find an acceptable way of dealing with the shin pain by January I am going to have to try something else.
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I dithered a lot before running this morning, then realised that physically I was feeling OK, but was on something of an endorphin dip after a very exciting weekend and that running might actually help me out of that. And I figured I may as well progress to Day 2 as it's the same as Day 1 anyway in Week 1.

Not great things:
-shin pain was with me again. Not as bad as last week: it's eased a lot now I'm home, and it wasn't the entire focus of the run. But it's more than I'm happy with, and feels more like a "this is potentially causing damage" pain than a "your muscles will get stronger and cope with this" pain.
-as a result of shin pain, I'm still walking quite slowly in the walking intervals and after the run: several people passed me on my way home. It's really hard to gauge whether my cardiovascular fitness is improving when I'm being held back by another thing.

Good things:
-I finished, and it wasn't as hard as last time.
-A flatter route does seem to be better, as does running more on grass than on pavement (not an option on the more hilly route I was taking before -- too much risk of twisting an ankle and falling down the hill sideways)
-I do, indeed, feel the same gentle pleased-with-myself happiness as I did when I first started this. I felt emotionally good about running while I was running even though it hurt, and I feel good now about having been running. Yay endorphins!

-I was in my 'best' shoes today, a sort of hiking boot/trainer hybrid, and still had the shin pain. These shoes are definitely not too small. I wonder whether the extra height at the heel due to orthotics is throwing my foot forward onto my toes more when I run and causing problems. This could also be related to the feeling that the trainers I was wearing last week are too small.
-I could have shin splints. I'm not confident that getting diagnosis and treatment for this (whether my self-diagnosis is correct) on the NHS will be anything less than a battle, and I have other healthcare battles to fight, so I'm not going to try unless it starts to interfere with walking. However, treatment is similar to that for many other soft tissue injuries: rest and ice and NSAIDs to get the inflammation under control, careful return to activity and a long hard look at ergonomics to see what is going wrong in the first place. I can do all that on my own with very little risk.

-until the shin pain is less problematic, I'm running once a week, not twice a week. Longer recovery time (due to special snowflakeness in collagen production) is a known bug, and running once a week will still be better for me than not running at all.
-in my trainers, I'm going to take out the insoles and cut the back half off so that the position of my heels relative to my toes is not so high. This might also stop them being too small.
-I'm going to make sure I run on grass as much as possible. This may mean a more repetitive route, especially while I'm still in Enfield, but it is actually a bit of a no-brainer that I should have caught before.
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That was not a good run...

My trainers, which seemed to mostly fit all right on Thursday, felt too small today when I put them on. I didn't get as far with the warm-up walk as I did on Thursday, and didn't really feel warmed-up when it was time to start running. Some of the running/jogging intervals were slow enough I may as well have been walking. My shins hurt the entire time (rather than hurting a bit at first and then feeling better), and still do, and I don't feel physically good the way I did after Thursday's run. The whole thing just felt hard and unpleasant and painful, and I only finished because I wanted to see whether I could and what it would do to my body if I did.

Good things:
-dodgy hip still seems fine
-initial cardiovascular effort seemed to settle in nicely after a bit; I was not being limited by lung capacity at all, today, just by stupid leg pain.

-I probably do need new trainers, a size up, to accommodate the change in foot size when I wear my 'best' shoes for three days. Bother.
-The first part of my route is uphill. It might be better, next time, to pause SimpleC25K until I am on a flat bit, especially if I'm not feeling properly warmed up; alternately, I should try a flatter route.
-I have no idea whether I'll be able to run on Thursday. I'm tempted to try it in my current 'best' shoes mentioned above, which are sort of hiking boot/trainer hybrid things.
-I'm not sure whether I should go to Week 1 Day 2(a) or stick with Week 1 Day 1 for a third repetition to see how I settle into things.

After the last run, I was fine on Friday (but it was a day off, so I didn't really challenge myself movement wise at all), had rather stiff muscles on Saturday which meant I needed to move very carefully to avoid joints getting pulled out of, er, joint, and was fine on Sunday. Judging by that, I can expect this Wednesday to be a day when I need to be quite careful with my body, but I *might* be OK on Thursday. Friday would be a bad day for me to run because I'm starting a 30-hour fundraising event at church which is going to be quite demanding enough.

I am hoping this is due to wrong shoes. It may be that I need even longer recovery time between runs and will have to drop down to once a week, but I'll try twice a week for a few more weeks to see what happens.
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(was around 8:30am, route along local residential streets.

Runkeeper says just over 2 miles run in total.
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I've just posted about this on my own journal, so won't go into a lot of detail here.

I have some medical challenges and old injuries, and have been told running is not for me, but I'm not certain that's the case. I suspect, rather, that running lots all at once is not a good idea for me, and running marathons is not a good idea for me, and that I will have to take care to avoid injury. But I miss running from fitter days. So I'm experimenting with following a modified Couch-to-5k programme; I need to run twice a week, not three times, and I'm planning on running each session twice rather than once. So I did Week 1 Day 1 this morning, and I'll do it again early next week, and then on Thursday or Friday next week I'll do Week 1 Day 2... if it turns out that I'm wrong, and that running is genuinely bad for me, I will have to stop and think about doing something else instead, but so far I am hopeful.

I thought this morning went well. It was a stunning day with bright sunshine, which always helps, but I went out expecting that I'd probably have to stop after halfway through, and I managed the whole thing, and felt physically really good afterward. If my dodgy hip doesn't complain unduly between now and then, I'll do Week 1 Day 1(b) on Monday morning.

I'm using an Android app called "Simple C25k" which seems to meet my needs. But carrying phone and keys means I will need to find some sort of pocket belt thing with zips. I also seem to have a blister on the instep of my right foot where the orthotic I wear was rubbing in shoes I wore for the past few days; I'll wear different ones for the next few and see if I manage all right on Monday (I got these trainers before I had the orthotics, though I've not worn them much).
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I have now completed all three week 1 workouts. I did my Thursday one a day early, partly because I wanted to get it over with, and partly because I got home early for once, and it was a lovely sunny evening. Also a bit cold, enough that breathing was noticeably harder; if it gets any colder than this I'm going to have to resign myself to running indoors.

Because it was cold, I wore a long-sleeved shirt, with a breast pocket. So I was able to put my trusty smartphone in the pocket and turn on Runkeeper. This is a bit depressing because it tells me that my overall average pace was 10'22'' per km, somewhat slower than simply walking briskly for 20 minutes. However, I do like data, and I now have a baseline to improve on, so that's good.
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This is going to be much more doable if I can establish a habit. So running round the little patch of grass behind my house again. Still don't have a way of measuring distance or pace. I think I was a bit faster on the walking bits this time. Also, knowing that this level of running is possible for me made it a lot easier to push myself out of the house to do it.


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