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I should have had a 5k in there a week ago, but we were making a seasonal family visit, and I swapped a zombie run for a long training run on Friday as we had more seasonal family gatherings yesterday and today. In theory I should have gone out today for a zombie run, but that's not going to happen now. It might happen tomorrow.

[personal profile] liv asked how the long slow 10k went, and both it and the 12k went fairly similarly. For both I was following a 30s run/60s walk ratio, and the Simple Interval Timer app managed that for me with beeps that are clearly audible over podcasts. I also had RunKeeper tracking distance and average pace and updating me every half-kilometre. I set off far too fast and consciously slowed down after getting the pace update on the first 500m; even so, I couldn't make myself slow enough so my average pace was ever less than 20s faster than my target (this is the one set by the "magic mile" exercise I did three weeks ago). Going over the splits later, I did actually run kilometers 5-7 slightly slower than target, but was sufficiently faster either side that my overall average was 25s/km faster.

I fairly quickly got used to the rapid switching back and forth between running and walking, it just became a longer rhythm within which my natural running and walking rhythms played out.

I hesitate to say either long workout was "easy" but they both felt eminently achievable all the way through. They were not stressful. I wasn't worried at any point about running out of steam or breath; as I mentioned I was actually going rather faster than I "should" have done, but without feeling that I was really pushing at my limits. I finished both sessions tired, but nowhere near exhausted and recovered fairly quickly; in the evening after the 10k I took my older child to their school disco for several hours and was fine. So I think they are working the way they are meant to - making it as easy as possible to push out my distance stamina.

In between times I've done my "30min" runs with zombies and am continuing to love it. Zombie chases still exhaust me and I still take walking breaks after them but otherwise try to run continuously; despite successfully reducing the running time for each of these sessions, my pace is remaining completely flat. I think I am going to try a session with Galloway-style walking breaks and a faster target pace, to see how that compares for me in enjoyability over a continuous-running + zombie chases setup.

I've been spending money on equipment. The big spend is getting gait analysis and a running shoe recommendation at Advance Performance today. The new shoes are VERY YELLOW and I have been breaking them in pottering around the house and walking into town and back. I've also ordered two different models of cheap over-ear headphones as the current set has finally snapped its wire on one side (this is another reason to try my next zombie run without chases, as the snapped side is the one I hear chase notifications on).
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