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I'm doing marginally better at keeping up with the program than I am making it over here to talk about it. The rest of week four went right on schedule, even if I was majorly clock-watching on the last two running intervals.

My normal schedule is running Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday. Week five's Tuesday, it poured down rain all day, and then it snowed Wednesday morning, wheeee. The weather in the afternoon was still pretty rough and cold, but I knew I could push through the five minute intervals so I went anyway. And then Friday the weather was pretty nice again and I just... didn't feel like it. So I ran day two on Saturday, and the last day of week five today.

I was pretty sure that I could physically get through the eight minute running intervals, and I put them on the easiest part of my route anyway. I was more worried how I'd do for will power, but it turns out that I manage far better with longer intervals. Timing it by multiple songs takes the clock out of it pretty well for me.

For today's 20 minute run, I just went for it - started on the hilly section near home and turned around fifteen minutes in so that the last five was back uphill as well. The cardio wasn't too rough, and I managed a little over two miles, so I was pretty happy with my pace, but my legs are definitely screaming at me now, about 6 hours later. I'm glad I've got two days before starting week six.
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I went for a run today, and for the first time in probably 9 months, it actually conformed to a C25K workout. It was my fifth run in the past few weeks, but the rest of them were the three-five minutes jogging, three minutes walking that I default to when I feel like I need to do something active but I'm not up to pushing myself for whatever reason.

This is the earliest in the year that I've started running outdoors - my first couple runs in March were a lot of jumping over muddy patches and weaving around the stubborn snowdrifts. I'm excited about the prospect of hitting the 5k workout by the end of May. If I'm going to do that, though, I definitely need to get out of my winter rut and fix what I'm eating.

If my ipod is to be believed, I basically stopped running after July last year, and I wasn't super consistent before that. But! I am perpetually hopeful that this year will be different.

Oh, and also. I've had basically the same running playlist for the past three years. It's served me pretty well, but I mostly just haven't had the patience to sort through my music collection for other options. I downloaded mixxx a couple weeks ago on an unrelated music whim. To my delight, I discovered that I could tell it to scan my library, and then I could sort that list by BPM, so I've added a bunch of songs to my current playlist, with more on the back burner for when I'm feeling ambitious.
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