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I've been fortunate to be on a roll recently, possibly because I've reached the point where I can procrastinate from other things by going to the gym.

The week before last I went to the gym four times, last week six times, and this week five times. (Twice each jogging, and the rest swimming.)

After jogging 5k at 7kph, I nearly did it at 7.2kph and did it again at 7.4 kph. I managed 20 minutes at 7,6 kph.

This week after jogging I felt sufficiently energised that I used some of the weight machines, for the first time unsupervised.


Feb. 22nd, 2013 08:43 pm
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This week, I went to the gym four times, twice jogging and twice swimming, and cycled four times a week, and had an induction for some weights machines.
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