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Well I got myself started today. It was a bit of a spur of the moment thing but I think that was the best way to start it rather than trying to choose a date and constantly...not doing it. In the past year my health has been terrible and I had to leave university and stuff. I have chronic fatigue issues and my diabetes is very temperamental when I try and exercise so 6 months ago this was out of my wildest dreams.

So yeah completing even day one of week one is a huge thing for me. I was very impressed at the fact that I survived. I wasn't sure I would manage to run all the stints but I got myself into somewhat of a rhythm with my music. It taught me I'm perhaps not as unfit as I thought I was but I need to work on breathing. Does anyone have tips on that? I'm not very fast yet but I think I would explode if I tried to keep an eye on distance and such things at this point. Overall, very proud of myself and kind of looking forward to my next run. I think aliens may have taken over my body. :P
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