May. 30th, 2015

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I managed one run on holiday, on Wednesday evening, when the children were calm enough to be left with one adult while it was still daylight.  I was a bit nervous in running in such a hilly place, but my genius spouse spotted the canal with towpath a short walk from our hotel, so I ran down it for 15 minutes and then back again.  It was a really lovely run and my one regret was that I was only able to do the one run while we were there.   I also improved my time again a little over last week's runs.

I had hoped to get a second run in on Friday evening when we were home again, but didn't quite manage it.  Today I had the choice of skipping the second timed run this week, or to do it today and then hope to run Mon-Wed-Fri-Sun next week to catch up; and I did the latter.

Here I combined it with a library visit: I have a little runner's backpack and it is just big enough to hold the library books I needed to return.  So I walked to the library, returned my books, picked up the two waiting for me, and ran home in a big loop to take up the 30 minutes.

It was  warm (ok, it was about 18 C) and I set off too fast so I wasn't surprised to find myself going much slower a short way into the run.  I mostly enjoyed the run, but it was just on the edge of too warm, and my average pace was much slower than Wednesday's canal run. 

(Also I note that I need to wear a long-sleeved top under that runner's backpack - luckily it was only 30 minutes because my bare skin started rubbing raw where it brushed the straps.)

Next run will be Monday evening, hopefully a bit cooler, and will be 4.8km distance run.

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