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On to week 2! First day of this today.

As always, week 2 is the week where Evil Laura just really really irritates me.

1) I cannot count four whole steps on each intake of breath and four more on each exhale, Evil Laura, unless you actually want me to asphyxiate completely.

2) I certainly cannot do this while also concentrating on foot fall and just generally not falling over.

3) You do not reduce to the chance of picking up an injury. That sounds like you actually want to have an injury. You want to reduce the risk!

4) A song with the words I'm running circles round you, I think your time is past, I gotta tell you now that this is never gonna last is just hugely demotivation so early in the program. Put that sort of thing later on when your runners has proven to themselves that they actually can.

5) Do not say 'just one more 90 second run to go' just before the second to last run! Springing an extra run on somebody who thought they were finished is just wildly unfair. And again, talk about demotivating!

6) And my final usual beating of a dead horse, there is no such thing as 'warming down'.

Something tells me I shan't be repeating this week if there's the slightest chance of avoiding it. I abhor week 2...

So how did it actually go? I think it went quite well. I could definitely tell I was running longer and I did get to the point of really hoping 90 seconds would be over soon a few times, but never felt like I didn't think I could do it. That very last one was probably the most difficult primarily because, I think, it was sprung on me when I thought I was finished. So far as I recall Evil Laura is not nearly as irritating in the other weeks as she is in this one, so it's just a question of getting through it.

I'm definitely feeling that I'm doing more exercise in general. All the aches and pains. There's a lot of groaning and all-round feeling old in this house at the moment. My shins have started making themselves known, but not in a splint-y way. Just the normal 'we-don't-like-this-staaaahp!' way, so that should help with time if I keep an eye on it, I think.

Does anybody know a stretching exercise good for the shin area? I know the ones for the calf, thigh and bottom areas, but I don't know any for shins, and I suspect it might do me good.
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